I Heart Ferre Rose

This little pink bottle with a hint of gold is FERRE ROSE, a feminine floral fragrance from Gianfranco Ferré.
This scent has fruity top notes of Watermelon, Pomegranate, Mandarin and Peach. Floral Middle Notes of Orange Flower, Rose, Kuchinashi Flower, Water Hyacinth and Freesia. And dry Down Notes of Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Amber.
When I first used this scent, the very first word that came to my mind was Delicate.

Much like a rose, this fragrance is elegant, soft and sensual. The delicate floral scents are perked up with fruity top notes, and balanced out with woody dry down notes. Take a whiff of it and you'll find it very soft yet there is a certain prominence and presence about it.

It also has excellent staying power and projection throughout the day.
This eau de toilette comes in 3 sizes -
30 ml Natural Spray S$ 69.00
50 ml Natural Spray S$ 99.00
100 ml Natural Spray S$ 129.00
For my blog readers: Click and print the coupon above for 20% off your Ferre fragrance exclusively at SASA outlets (Singapore).
Brought to you by SASA and Fr3b.


  1. Anonymous1:08 am

    Is the coupon also usable in Malaysia?

  2. hi Sara.. I'm afraid not. Only SASA outlets in Sg.

    will update/edit my post now.

    Thanks for asking.


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