Disappearing Make Up

Dear Holly Jean,

I always start my day with make up and look great. But I have oily skin and no matter how often I blot, my make up practically slides off my face! I keep powdering my face with my compact and I end up with a very dull looking skin at the end of the day. How can I make my make up stay?

Disappearing Make Up


Dear Disappearing Make Up,

To counteract oily skin and to keep foundation from sliding off when you perspire (esp in Singapore's humid climate!), try using a makeup base.

Ettusais has the Medicated Acne Whitening UVSPF 24 PA++ (Price: S$41). It is an extremely lightweight pre-makeup base with sunscreen protection.

I am recommending this product because you are actually getting 4 main things:

1. A make up base which will brighten your face and helps make your make up last longer

2. Nourishment for your skin. Its anti-bacterial effect treats acne and prevents further breakouts.

3. Protection from harmful UV rays and forms a protective veil over your skin.

4. Skin care benefits. It lightens acne scars, freckles and uneven skin tone.

I am currently using the dry block version as I have dry skin, but it is also available in the oil block version for oily or combination skin.
The Oil Block Formula is moisturizing but keeps skin fresh and matte at the same time with improved sebum and sweat absorption formula.
While the Dry Block Formula is great for those with Dry or Dehydrated Skin. Its moisturizing texture is designed to hydrate skin with start ingredient, AC Control Oil, while preventing shine at the same time.

I love this product because it's so lightweight, it goes on smooth on my skin, there's no sticky feeling. I hate useing BB creams because it causes my face to flake when I put my foundation on. With Medicated Acne Whitening UVSPF 24 PA++ my make up glides on easily after its application, skin stays moist yet it also holds my make up and gives me a natural looking fresh face the whole day. Try it!

Holly Jean.


  1. Anonymous2:50 pm

    that's cuz BB cream is not meant to be used with foundation! use BB cream and then use loose powder..

  2. well, it would depend on which BB cream you use.

    You can use BB cream on its own as foundation or use it as make up base together with foundation.

  3. Anonymous2:05 am

    I would prefer this makeupbase to BB cream as it has sunscreen and is moisturising.

    don't feel BB cream covers up blemish well enough.

    just my 2cnts



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