Baby Bailey Boy

In case you're wondering how Bailey is doing... here he is.
I think he's almost 3 months old now. And double the size he was when I got him at 6 wks old.
Looking for his favourite spot on the bed... He loves to be stroked...
and finally... in dreamland.
Can anyone tell me why Bailey ALWAYS pees on my damn bed?! I'm damn sick of washing the comforter. Can't seem to teach him not to. He doesn't pee or poop anywhere else in the house.... only his cage.
I'd hate to have to banish him from the room.


  1. celestina3:25 pm

    I dun hv a solution for yr bunny not to pee on yr bed.. But i only knw the smell & the colour of the urine is terrible!! : (

    The rabbit I had previously was the normal type so im not sure if yrs is as bad as mine

    Also they grow very fast & eventually v BIG !
    They are definitely cute when they were small
    After that I nvr wana keep rabbit as a pet, the smell & colour of the urine (dark brown!) really put me off ..... looks like im really nt a true blue pet lover : p

  2. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Yes, i'm not a rabbit fan. It's like keeping a hamburger for a pet isn't it? Anyway, rabbits aren't that bright, don't think you could ever toilet train one.

  3. Anonymous4:26 pm

    let me think, my rabbit only knew how to pee when in his just don't let him on your bed? I'm sure there's info in books or on the net on how to toilet train rabbits. Anyways, don't listen to what others say, rabbits are very intelligent creatures.


  4. Anonymous5:32 pm

    bailey boy is soooo cute! I used to keep them too.. Holland rabbit with the loop ears.. and the Netherland dwarfs.

    But yah... they are nothing like dogs... It's almost impossible to train them.
    Joanne Tan-Elawadi

  5. Anonymous6:17 pm

    After one incident, try putting the stained bedsheet in the toilet/cage/place you want bailey to pee?
    than he will recognise that new area as your bed*
    and you can slowly take the bed sheet away after a month or two when he is used to it.

    well, thats how to toilet train dogs..
    Dunno will work on rabbits anot..
    Can try >.<

  6. hmmm..thnx for all the tip... will see how it goes . my dog used to pee on my bed when it was a puppy too. haha.. maybe I'm destined to forever have piss smellin beds

  7. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Not an expert in bunnies, but thought this might help.

    You know those small pet beds or pet cushions? I know it's tempting to let Bailey on the bed, but why not always place Bailey on the cushion/pet bed?

    Perhaps like this?

    That way even if he pees, it'll at least get onto a small cushion which is easily washable.

    I have a cat which used to do that same thing too. But I guess cats & dogs are easier to train. Good luck!

  8. ahh~~ the sight of bailey is just too adorable!! ^^
    sry cant help with ur prob holly~!
    All the best k~!

  9. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Bunnies associate certain smells to pee-ing spots. Mine likes to pee on feet clothes, for eg. Plus you shouldn't.. put him on your bed. Have you litter trained him? Better to do so before he gets older and difficult. Once he's litter trained, he can be a home-range rabbit! (like a dog, just cuter!)

  10. Anonymous12:12 pm

    P.S. they love the be rubbed on their cheeks! Try it, they will grind their teeth in pleasure!

  11. oh.. OKay.. I can't wait to rub him on his cheeks!!!

  12. and babe, to fully remove the pee smell u have to use vinegar first and pour onto the spot...after which u can wash as per normal....cuz if his pee smell is still there he will pee there aagin

    another method for dogs, but i sure hope it works :)

  13. Baby Bailey! Too cute! :) I have a Holland lop, and she's a MONSTER (MonsterBunny) (>_<)

    I think you did well in S Factor :)


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