Viva La Brazilia!

Didn't I tell you that I found a Gem when I blogged about The Golddust brazilian wax?! (Don't remember? click here)

Now she's featured in 8Days magazine (One and a half page spread!) and The Straits Times! Bravo!!!

And I'm so glad that many of my female readers have gone to have their first brazilian waxes with Kerry at The Golddust and are pleased with the professional service and great value.

Not only is Kerry's waxing studio a tranquil little haven for brazilian wax junkies like me, but did you know it's also a showroom for ultra sexy Brazilian jeans and undies!?

The brazilians are not just known for sexy all-off wax jobs (... and soccer), but they have the most sexy bums in the world!
Kerry imports jeans directly from Brazil. She only brings in a limited number of each design so you won't be walking around town with a common pair of jeans. A great pair of jeans that fit is definitely a wardrobe staple for me.
These jeans are great because they are comfortable AND they give you bootilicious sexyness! They flatter almost any woman. You don't have to take my word for it. Just go down to her sexy showroom and try a pair on!

These brazilian cut (very flattering to the bum) undies are of great quality and are very comfortable. Imported from Brazil, they come in 4 colors. Black, White, Red and Beidge. You buy 3 pieces for a total of $35 and you get the 4th one free!

For more information on brazilian wax, or product prices and availability, check out : or just call Kerry at +65 91897336


  1. Anonymous10:00 am

    how bout the price range of the jeans, holly? hmm i did came about the article on 8days too..but i was only than wondering is that "the Golddust" u're talking about to i cleared my wonders! haahaa! thanks!

  2. Anonymous10:01 am

    opps sry i mean now* i had cleared my wonder! sry bout the typo..

  3. Kerry's happy to take calls regarding prices of the jeans. :) anyone interested, do ring her okie

  4. hey holly, I know its abit random, but where can I get Cheap Bikini with padding?

  5. Anonymous3:02 pm

    in NUS bazaars . its only 15bucks.


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