Read My Lips!

I've just been looking to see if the shape of people's lips can tell us anything about their Character. Here are some interesting findings.

1. Which is thicker? Your Upper or Lower Lip?

The lips relate to our ability to nurture others in loving relationships. If the upper lip is considerably thinner than the lower lip, it reveals an inability to reciprocate in relationships. Conversely, a thinner lower lip indicates an overly giving nature.

2. Do you have a Big Mouth?

In the old Chinese face reading text, a big mouth usually means a bad relationship with the parents. In the old times, having a good relationship usually means the child will be obedient and listen to the parents without talking back. However, in modern times, talking back can be a good sign; it means there is an exchange of dialogue.

Hence, Big Mouth people tend to be more independent and daring, and they are less likely to remain close to home.

3. Do you have a Dainty Mouth?

A dainty mouth is a smaller mouth. People who have this type of mouth tend to be more humble and supportive instead of seeking the limelight.

4. Up or Down turned?

An upturned Mouth (If the ends of the mouth curve upward) is considered a moon mouth. This is a good sign and is considered very good luck for the person in question. People will often come out to assist the person in a time of need, and the person will have many good friends.

A downturn mouth usually indicates a rocky childhood and turbulant late years. A person with this type of mouth also tends to exaggerate and fib.

5. Any Chips?

Chipped Lips means a ‘missing’ small section; thereby you can see the teeth even when the mouth is closed. This type of lip indicates there could be a negative disturbance on the person’s life when they are much older. (????)

6. Any moles?

A mole on the lip indicates the person in question has a very curious mind. They are very talkative, so it makes it easier for them to make friends. If the size of the mole is small, then they will not lack basic necessities in their life. It the mole is large, bigger than a grain of rice, then its akin to having loose lips (can't keep secrets).

Hmmm.. I have a small mouth with thin, equal sized lips, no chips, and is neither up nor down turned! I'm confused! :)


  1. Anonymous4:21 am

    HAHA! holly~ no worries la~ u are just being u~ ^^ yea?

    hmmm i was told be4 that a mole on ur lip is an indication of someone that likes/loves to eat alot! mostly are someone whose capable of eating almost anything thats show up in front of these ppl~ =x
    i believe though, thats more to the old chinese fact...


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