Mediacorps's S Factor - The Raw Audition Videos

Check out the actual audition videos of all 12 finalists for S Factor.

Surprise surprise.... I'm wearing a white singlet (yet again) in my audition video ( so for those weirdos who akin such comfort clothes to looking like a hooker... don't watch my video)

The girls rate their bodies, personality and brains. Some of the answers are hilarious.

The drama... bitching (and laughs) begins April 5th at 10pm on Mediacorp Channel 5!



  1. Anonymous7:06 pm

    That Dutch girl doesn't sound very Dutch, does she? Oh well, I guess must have acclimatized to the Singaporean accent

  2. half chinese I think... brought up in Sg

  3. Anonymous10:15 am

    I saw the advertisement on FHM..
    I was shock when I saw u in the pic..
    What make u take up the challege???

  4. Anonymous11:27 am

    err.. holly jean, u had only like 1.5 seconds of tv time?? wats wrong with the producers?

    by the way, is that xuesha the same girl? looks so different.

  5. Anonymous11:44 am

    oh btw, I am cheering for u on my blog too :D

    hope it helps!

  6. Guyver28 - why shocked??? I might have mentioned it on my blog some time ago... not sure..

    Wayangtimes- yeah..i was hardly on the trailer....
    I appreciate your support!

  7. Anonymous9:59 am

    sorry Jean...
    I didn't read the earlier post...

  8. Anonymous12:20 pm

    hmmm seems lik u made some frens from the rest of the girls holly! ^^

    haha! not the white singlet weirdos again... ;)
    how long was the productions ah? it seems to take up a long period to film it.. after reading the episodes... i find that "the mum station" is the most "diffcult" one. hopefully u did well holly! all the best!!!

  9. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Some really funny videos. I couldn't help but laugh at some of the responses! I especially liked the electric eyes one :D

  10. Anonymous1:21 am

    This whole S-factor thingy is really more than just looks and boobs ya? (and looking slutty...)

    I wanna laugh my head off at some of their responses.

  11. Anonymous8:48 am

    If it's searchin for perfect woman, why do they let women with fake boobs join too? Isn't that artificial???


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