I'm Writing A Weekly Column Online!

You'll notice a new link on my sidebar for Myfatpocket.com

I'm writing a weekly column for them now.
I've been doing it for many weeks now, but I couldn't tell you as the site wasn't launched yet.

I'll tell you more about myfatpocket later on!

Next post on my blog will be a sex post... more specifically, how to please a woman when going down on her. So many men do just a mediocre job! haha. (I laugh.. but I'm not kidding) :)


Jessjess said…
Hey Holly, love the answers to these questions - especially the one regarding the affair. Very succint and straightforward. Good! Keep up the good work - and thanks for the reply you gave me ;)
Anonymous said…
I liked the date ideas! cool.
Anonymous said…
Holly, you are so down to earth. This is all the readers wantz!
Anonymous said…
great writings holly! do tell us more about it when u hav the time~ ^^ hmmm its useful knowledges for me definately~! thanks holly~