Give Your Skin A Little Something EXTRA !

Skin Version Up EXTRA
This is not just a toner. Our skin is hydrophobic ( which means it won't absorb water or moisture easily)... this product softens skin to allow it to absorb all the goodness of your moisturiser.

The fantastic thing about this is that unlike other toners, I do not need a cotton pad to put it on. I just pump a little into my palms and apply it all over my face, even on my eye area. Toners are usually too harsh for the eye area as they contain alcohol.

It has a light texture which allows it to be absorbed fast.

Aqua Shooter EXTRA
Available in two formulas- Refreshing (for Oily Skin) and Moisturising (for dry to normal skin).

This is a moisturiser to be used after Skin Version Up Extra as a skin toner.

Beacuse of my lifestyle, (basically a lot of outdoor activities, sun.. and my bad habit of not drinking enough water!!!) I have dry and dehydrated skin. I am pleasantly surprised that the Moisturising formula is good enough to keep my skin supple, soft and best of all.. No more peeling!!!!

This moisturiser has an enhanced anti-blemish formula which works on the deeper layers of my skin and prevent the production of blemish bacteria. It penetrates into the inner layer of my skin and this keeps my skin hydrated and more resistant to pimples. While I don't usually get blemishes, I definitely want to prevent them!

Apart from keeping my skin hydrated, it also balances sebum so my make up stays on and I don't have a shiny face at the end of the day.

I give these EXTRA products 2-thumbs up! Go check them out at


  1. Anonymous6:53 pm

    thanks for the info! I am using the "version up"(old one) ... think i will get the "version up Extra" refill next and use the same bottle.

  2. Anonymous8:05 am

    Hi HL
    It will be great if you could indicate the retail price ea time u do a write up on the product

    Hopefully many readers will feel the same : )

  3. hi celestina.. I'll do tht from now on!

    thanks for the suggestion. :)


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