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I just feel like blogging about cute things today. :) I was at watsons a week ago... just poking around the shelves like I usually do...

And I came across these new tampons from Kotex. They're coloured!!!! The wrappers come in all sorts of funky colours and all you need to do is twist them off. So clever!

Review wise- the actual tampon (which is white) is ok. Nothing to shout about. In fact I feel that the O.B. tampons I use actually have a more silky smooth cover than these kotex ones, so they slide in a little easier. But overall... it's on par. And cheap(ish) too. I paid $5.40 for 16 (that's 2 boxes of 8). I think I'll switch to this brand from now on. Purely because of the coloured wrappers. When it comes to boring sanitary necessities packaging does make a difference! This is my Hello Kitty Razor! I found it in the toiletries section of Mustaffa Center (Singapore). It was my first time there... it's huge but I don't ever want to go back... the place is far too bloody maze-like. It was cheap ( less than 8 bucks) and I bought the replacement blades straight away on the spot (for fear of having to head all the way back there to get refills).

So far, I've only used it once. I can't bear using it! I just use my boyfriends razor when I need to shave my legs. (haha)Another cutie... the ettusais mascot - rubber duck! I love this mascot design on my ettusais GWPs/freebies! And now... the cutest thing.....

This is my new baby bunny!!!! It's a male Holland Lop, just 6 weeks old. I'm waiting for him to be delivered to my place at 4.30 pm. I can't wait!!!!!! I've got a few columns and advertorials to write... but I'm so excited about my new bunny's arrival... I'm having major difficulty sitting still.


  1. Anonymous11:23 pm

    That bunny is just toooooo cute!!!! Is that a picture of the exact one you're getting, or just a random Holland lop. I can't stop looking at it! I wanna cuddle it!

  2. It's the exact one. The breeder sent it to me :)

    Got the bunny a few hours ago.. and it's so soft and small.

    Bunny sleepin in cage now. So far so good.

  3. Anonymous11:43 pm

    How much did the bunny cost? I can't imagine having that cute little thing around me, I wouldn't be able to stand it. I have two dogs and already, I can't stop hugging them. I think I'd smother the bunny if I had one!

  4. I only paid a breeder $160 for him.

    Saw a few at various pet lovers centers around Singapore.. they sell holland lops at $180.. but I couldn't find one in a size and condition and colour i liked.

  5. Anonymous12:45 am

    totally agree with it! dat the cutest bunny i ever saw! gosh u're making me wanna get one too holly~! argh...xD haha!

  6. Anonymous2:09 pm

    i was looking for a lop, but it is kinda hard to get the exact colour you have.

    it is hard to look for breeders around in singapore too, how do you find such good deals?

  7. hi anon,

    email me at hollyjean69@hotmail.com and I'll hook u up to the breeder i got mine from. Problem is u got to wait for next batch... might take some months

    there's the same colour lop at Plaza Singapura's PLC. It's slightly bigger than mine, 3 months plus old ( mine is 6 wks) Selling at $180 only.. looks miserable in her small tank there.. go see if u can rescue her. I saw her 2 wks ago but didnt buy cos i wanted male

  8. Anonymous11:05 pm

    hi holly!

    i love your bunny it is sooo cute! i m thinking of getting one too but i never had a rabbit before.. can u tell me how is it like caring for bailey?anything i need to know before i get one? thanx! (:

  9. Finance wise- A holland lop, or netherland dwarf will cost anywhere from $150 - $300+ .

    You need a big cage (abt $100-200).

    Water bottle, hay and pellets, Carrier bag ( optional), bedding/litter to absorb piss in cage.


    they are cute fluffy and quiet. no complaints so far, except I wish bunnies were braver, and I can just pop him in my bag and swing abt town.

    but bunnies get stressed when in situations like tht . no like dogs, which just loooove going out.

    eats the whole day :) shits a lot. mine is not toilet trained yet, so will shit on floor!! ( shld take abt a month to fully train).

    responds to its name and clapping sounds only abt half the time so far. not as alert as dogs.

    grows fast, but depending on breed, will probably remain damn cute and small-ish.


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