Singapore Teacher has Sex with Underaged BOY

A female primary school teacher inher early 30s, mother of 2 young children and married to a grassroots leader had sex with a male student!

He was just 14, in primary 6. The first time they had sex, she booked a chalet in pasir ris! That's close to where I live! Eeeks! That probably means they're east dwellers, and she teaches in a school around here... otherwise she would have booked a cheap hotel 81 room somewhere else or something.

I can see how students would naturally be attracted to young teachers, male or female... but I can hardly see how a woman in her 20 or 30s or whatever... would want to have sex with a child!

I feel it's quite sick when an adult manipulates or misuses a student's attraction towards her. I'd just be flattered if I knew a male student fancied me... I would not think about boosting my ego by showing him "what a real woman is like" and play out Mrs Robinson fantasies on a young child!

I used to teach in a secondary school. And while I was there, there was a case where a male teacher (incidentally not just my colleague but also my friend) had sexual relations with a student. However, she wasn't underaged and he was single... and both were not virgins. Though I still think it was wrong and very unprofessional of him to get involved with a student, news of a female teacher having sex with a primary (!!!) school boy really takes the cake.

How would you feel if you had a child in primary (or even secondary) school?

Update: 23rd Feb
The teacher has received a jail sentence of 10 months.


  1. too bad!i wonder what had happened to the world nowadays..

  2. Anonymous11:30 am

    Aint 14 secondary 2?

  3. Anonymous11:37 am

    Was your colleague/friend's incident with student girl exposed? If it was not, I got a feeling that, very soon, wanbao, tnp or even the st will have a similar report...... u know, many so-called journalists lurking around blogs nowadays.

  4. yes, it was picked up by the papers more than a year ago.

    But it wasn't a criminal charge as it wasn't underaged sex. she was 16.

    ------ yeah... I guess this boy is slower than the rest? newpaper reports state he was 14 in p6.

  5. Anonymous1:03 pm

    eew...what was she thinking?? i think incidents like this mark the necessary return of chastity belts!

  6. Anonymous5:16 pm

    16 is nt counted as underage? i thought below 18 is considered underage

  7. Anonymous5:20 pm

    18 is underaged for smoking, gambling, drinking here.

    16 is for sex.

    18 or 21 for abortions.. not too sure abt tht one.

  8. Anonymous5:31 pm

    paedophiles are just sad. but also, as sickening as it sounds.. they might have true feelings towards each other. the world today is never the same anymore.

  9. 16 for abortion is ok.. (parental consent i think). I am not really sure lol :S

    I feel we shouldn't judge the sexual preference, but just the morality issue.

  10. Paedophiles just lust after the kids. There might be feelings, but sure as hell not from the older one >.>

  11. Anonymous10:25 pm

    From the case... i feel that it's unhealthy and there is no moral at all. In fact, i did facing an experience that my cousin brother which elder than me about 18 years try to play my private part when i was in primary school when i was a BOY! Luckily, he don't cross over the boundary but when i become adult, i keep a distance with him till today!

  12. Anonymous11:24 pm

    I think, in the report, it said that the student is a foreign student? That may explain why 14 but was in P6. I guess the student is from the big big big big country up north......

  13. anon10.25... Your story reminds me of a friend I had when I was in primary school.. she had a private tuition teacher... and HE told her that if she drank from his dick, she'd get smarter!(semen I presume... but at tht time we thought she meant Pee.. haha)

    Imagine THAT! I can't really remember details.. we were just kids, but I don't think she did it.. she just found it gross and came to school to tell her friends (me included).

    Don't think any adults were informed then. I don't even know what has happened to her today. Maybe married with kids!

  14. Anonymous3:41 pm

    obviously none of you were 14yr old boys?

  15. hey that colleague the same one you and I know...hahaha...

  16. Anonymous9:15 pm

    could never understand wta is it wif these MILFs' fascination with male kids...seriously..

    people were crying daylight murder when padophiles were hiring child prosititutes in illegal markets...

    now we have another unhealthy trend catching on...

  17. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Well.. Maybe the husband cannot satifsty her "needs"...

  18. Anonymous11:23 pm

    woofles, that guy was my teacher! LOL.

  19. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Theres something more new now....
    a 13 year old kid is now a father with his 15 years old gf...


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