I'm sick!

I am so sick :(

Think I got food poisoning from a friend's BBQ last night

I've been up having diarrhea and/or vomitting every twenty minutes. Feeling so tired and dehydrated now. But can't drink water, because i vomit it up 5 minutes later!

Can't sleep either, cos tummy hurts.

To make things worse, one of my best friends who works in Denmark now, is in SG. Supposed to meet him for lunch with Mark today, but I had to cancel it.

I haven't been ill in a very very long time. This feels like utter crap!

(any idea if it's ok to take an anti diarrhea and anti vomit pill? Or should I keep vomiting all the toxins out?? The clinic doesn't open till 8am) :(


  1. Anonymous8:31 am

    Get some carbon black tablets (e.g. Norit). Hope it helps

  2. Anonymous9:37 am

    You should take anti-diarrhea pills. After the first 4 times of vomiting (approximately), all the toxins should have been flushed out.

    Get well soon


  3. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Do take care yourself and hope you will recover soon, Jane.

  4. Anonymous12:57 pm

    You can take both pills and at the same time, you stil need to drink lots of water if not you will be dehydrated.
    Get well soon and take care.

  5. Anonymous1:34 pm

    well drink H2O thats wad my doc told mi the other time i had food poisoning he say it will put back the moisture that u lost~

  6. Anonymous6:05 pm

    the most important is REST!.. please sleep, sleep and sleep.... it helps you to recover babe.....

  7. Anonymous9:30 pm

    if you dare try yoghurt solid kinda, it will help to kill bacteria in your stomach and solidify your waste

  8. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Go to a 24hrs clinic soon. Get the medication and rest well. A whole night of diarrhoea and vomiting is a nightmare.

    You still need to drink water even if you going to vomit it out, cos you need to remain hydrate.

    Please do something about it and eat light diet for the next few days, do avoid dairy product and oily food.

    Take care and stay positive.

    Opinions are not from professional, but from someone who been in similar condition before.

  9. THanks everyone for your concern :)

    The worst is over! I'm much better today.

    The first night was a nightmare! I couldn't even take the carbon tablet because I vomited it all out (black vomit... nice).

    It was only the next evening tht I could ingest medication without puking it back out in a big splash of water! disgusting.

    BUT.. I'm ok now.. slight diarrhea, but under control. drinking H20, and appetite coming back.


  10. hope you are now well d. Take care!

  11. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Since when did you start using american spellings???

  12. It's ok Holly.. dont feel bad about it.. you owe me drinks... see you later!!



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