Experimental Short Films at Old School

Have you been to Old School yet?

Three of my brother Wesley's short films will be screened at Sinema Old School on the 13th of January (7.30pm) and 19th January (9.30pm).

Pak & Son's Travels

Love Me Yesterday (I'm in this one!!!)

Hard Boiled Eggs

Entry is Free. Click here for info.


  1. I want to watch a film call Pulau hauntu. I heard its airing there too.

  2. yes.. I wanna watch tht as well.

    I saw the trailer for that when I was at Old SChool a few days ago. Looks like quite a treat! ( I love being spooked)

  3. Anonymous3:53 am

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  4. It's been sometimes since I last visited Old School, next time add me in your list :)


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