Ettusais Brand Ambassador 2009

2009 is turning out to be a great year so far!

I've just been made an Ettusais Brand Ambassador.

I'm so excited about it because I love ettusais products, it's lightweight and natural (their blusher is ultra cute and gentle to the skin) and I love their fresh and girly brand image.

Throughout 2009, I'll tell you more about the brand, review some of my favourite products and update you on any promotions, contests or events.

Last Saturday, we had Let's Play Dress Up! which was a girly afternoon of fun where we could buy clothes, get makeovers and have express manicures. I do hope my readers will join me for future ettusais events! Ettusais is a beauty brand that has a full range of products from skin care to base care and make up designed to suit the skin care concerns of young Singaporean women. Find out more at !

The 10 ambassadors chosen for 2009: Regine, Sarah, Esther, Amanda, Zoe, Grace, Jeanine, Christine, , Fidelis, and ME! Ettusais Goodie Bag! The girls and I received a whole range of ettusais skin care and make up.

At the end of the year, the top 3 ambassadors will win prizes from ettusais and Toshiba (including this ultra chic pink Portege laptop!) I waaaaannnnt it.... it would so match my clothes. :)


  1. Anonymous11:42 am

    There are only 8 girls plus you on the pict but you give 9 names?

  2. yes.. one girl didn't make it to the meet up.. :)

  3. Anonymous11:22 pm


    I do like ettusais... very trendy brand.. (like Benefit).

  4. Anonymous1:16 am

    hi HJ pls do organise contests where you give readers Ettusiais products as prizes ok!!!

  5. Hi Kim,

    yes.. stuff like tht is definitely in the pipeline! look out for more ettusais updates here. :)

  6. Anonymous3:25 pm

    omg.. tht laptop is sooo sweet! I also waaan

  7. Anonymous10:26 pm

    eh cb never tell!! oie i need to ask you if they give a full make-up/over if you buy stuff... i'm looking for a full face for next mth :D --nn

  8. Anonymous11:50 pm

    cool! i love all the little "banners" that you have done! maybe i should get the rest to do the same! haha

  9. hi Iris.. yes the banners are pretty aren't they :D


  10. Anonymous6:52 pm

    So ur now sponsor by ettusais and toshiba?



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