AB FAB - Trickery

(This is the last of my 3 part Ab FAB post)
Save your money. The Creams Don't Work.
If they did... in a year or so, your palms which you use to massage the cream in will be only down to the bones.

Apart from actual surgery, here are some tips and tricks which can make your tummy feel/appear/be Flatter!


In general, I have good posture. Only sometimes when I have high heels on and I stand among really petite asian girls, I feel like an ugly-sore-thumb-of-a-juggernaut and I find myself hunching or like lowering my head. (thank goodness I'm not THAT tall) But it's a filthy habit. And it doesn't bring out the best in me, or the best I can look.

Whatever your height, straighten your shoulders, hold your head high and your abdominals will be automatically pulled in.

When you're sitting, sit up straight, if you curve your back, the more likely you'll have fleshy bits (or for some of us.. rolls!) hanging over your jeans.


I used to have a friend (she's passed away 2 years ago) who would take a laxative (something that will make you shit) at night, so in the morning she'd be able to completely clear her bowels. And she swore that hit made her tummy flat.

Yes, her tummy was flat (but so was mine, and I never took laxatives). And No, she did not die from it (it was some other tragedy, too personal to tell you about, and it's not my story to tell).

I don't think it's wise to take it every night. But I really don't see the harm in taking it perhaps on the night before a bikini photoshoot or something, or a beach party, or whenever you desperately want your tummy to be at its flattest.


Whether you get them by way of Kegel exercises (this is a great habit for women to get into), or good orgasms from sex, or actual exercise.... you must work the abdominal muscles at every opportunity you can!


Have earlier meals. Make your bigger meals early in the day (breakfast or lunch) so that your body can burn it off while you're up and about. Do not have late dinners or suppers as your body burns less when sleeping.


I read somewhere that if you exercise before bed time, your body will continue to burn/work while you are sleeping. Now this sounds great to me.

However, some people find that if they bring their metabolism up too high just before bed time, they have difficulties sleeping. Give it a shot, it might work for you.


  1. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Hi Holly, I liked your ab fab posts. Just to add to your ab exercise "the plank" add a twist with empty hand or light dumbbell. Raise arm straight up and twist to approximately 45 degrees with other under arm under your shoulder and chest, change sides, sets of 10. It's a hard one but well worth it. It works the transverse abdominals, obliques, intercostals, and some rear deltoid. Also to add, no one can "spot reduce", fat is burned from the whole body, "cardio", "cardio".

  2. Hi there,
    I've got some tip too.. Even though my stomach is not that flat as yours.. not even close to flat to be frank.. But this tip may work..
    I've heard/read somewhere that not drinking water while eating your meals will avoid you from being pot bellied.. It says that it is best to drink before your meals.. and only drink 2 hours after finishing your meals.. The reasoning is that drinking while eating sorta flush away the digestive enzymes and stomach acids.. Also it will flush away the saliva which is needed to kill germs.. Which mean your stomach will not digest properly and become distended, sort of.. Not sure of its scientific righteousness though..

    Just my 2 cents..

  3. hey.. yes.. thanks blurr33 and anonymous!!

    great tips...

  4. Great job, now i can really do something about it now.


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