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I have an addictive personality. Be it with food or people... I just get hooked on stuff.

When I was teaching in a secondary school, I used to buy bubble tea from the shop across the road... and I'd have 2 cups a day! Imagine the amount of sugar, powdered milk concentrate, and artificial flavours that went into me! This phase lasted at least 6 months... before I replaced it with Macadamia Nut Chocolate ( Comes in small flat box in 7-eleven).

My current addiction is fizzy drinks. I cannot resist a cold can of Coke... or Sarsi, or Kickapoo, or anything sweet and carbonated.

How is the above information going to help you attain a flat tummy?It's not.

I'm just admitting to you that I'm only human as well. And I have so many food related vices. I think life would be miserable if I had to deprive myself of things I like/love/am addicted to.

They key my friends... is MODERATION!

Now, I limit myself to just one can of drink a day, which is entirely do-able. And perhaps I'll be able to reduce it to one can a week...( whenI feel the need to).



A lot of people avoid fibre when they want a flat tummy because they think it makes their tummy bulk up. On the contrary.... our bodies don't "store" fibre. It gets excreted quite fast.

So increasing vegetables ( fibre and complex carbo) in your diet will keep you full, yet also help you in the poo department.


Some protein foods such as red meat and dairy (they contain Conjugated Linoleic Acid) will increase lean tissue and thus increase metabolism.

Don't just cut out Fat from your diet. Fat is good! I truly believe that the fat I eat keeps my skin supple and soft.

It's easier to stay slim eating monounsaturated fats (such as olive oil) and omega-3s (found mostly in fish but also in flaxseed and walnut oils and tofu), while omega-6 fats (prevalent in cereals, corn oil, baked goods, and eggs) caused ab fat to pile on.


It is hydrating and washes away toxins. Don't listen to bullshit about drinking less water so you have a flatter tummy. It's quite the opposite!

If your body does not get enough water, it will store any water it gets because it's a self-defence type survival instinct. So your body stores water like a camel because it know water is hard to come by. So, if you give your body plenty of water regularly, it will not feel the need to store reserves and bloat you.

And here are BAD AB FOODS


I think a major reason why I don't put on flab is that I've always been on low carb meals all my life. I don't eat much rice or bread. Never liked it.

Unless you are planning to run a marathon or be stranded on a desert island for some time, your body doesn't need to stockplie carbs.

Carbs are stored in the body (like fuel), and you body only burns it through exercise etc, it won't just disappear on its own.

Alcohol, acidic fruit juices and coffee/tea - high acid beverages can irritate your gastrointestinal tract and cause swelling.My last diet Tip I have for you is to have small but regular meals and eat slowly.

If you gulp food down fast, you'll be taking in more air. Chew your food... the smaller your food is by the time it reaches your stomach, the easier it will be to digest.

Chewing is especially important when you're eating carbs, as the saliva produced in your mouth contains enzymes which help break them down more easily.

I asked Mark if he had any diet tips for me to add here, and he said when eating, always remember that your mouth is at least four times bigger than your asshole! So whatever you put into it is likely to take 4 times longer to come out. Haha.

Tomorrow- AB FAB: Trickery


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    You got a very nice body. Very well toned.


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