I'm a Featured Blogger :)

I just got back to SG.

Apologies for a lousy last couple of posts... will upload pictures and updates of my holiday tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile... some exciting news-

It's been a couple of months now that I've left Nuffnang, and switched to http://www.advertlets.com/ as my main Advertising advertising network. And it's been great so far.

I'm a featured blogger on the advertlets website. yay!

Ok, maybe not THAT exciting for you.
But I'm very happy about it, because it means that all my work is not in vain (every now and then, when I don't get comments on my posts, I do feel like I'm blogging to myself).

So hopefully with a bigger audience, this blog will sustain itself, and grow with me.


  1. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Congrates yah .. :D So gonna throw a party to celebrate? :D

  2. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Congrats :)I am still stick to Nuffnang currently

  3. Thanks everyone. :) a party Michael??? sounds like a great idea... I'd like to throw a party and invite all my readers one day.

    Just need a bigger occassion. Soon... I hope


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