Will You.... Smell Me?

I love nuzzling my face into my boyfriends chest... or when we're in public, to be less conspicuous, I rub my face in his upper arm ... because one of the most comforting smells to me is my boyfriend. And I'm not talking about Armani aftershave. I just like the way he smells.


Most people can't even spell it. But everyone has it. It's like our very own signature scent.

It's the smell of your immune system.

Attraction is dependant on pheromones. It doesn't matter if you have similar tastes in fashion, music, politics, etc ... it all boils down to how you smell.
This helps explain why the most unlikely people fall in love.. and also why the most likely pairs fail.

I remember going on a blind date and watching a movie, many years ago. I cannot remember what show it was, but I do remember, vividly, to this day, how nauseous he made me feel. Sitting there in the cinema beside him, was sickening. He looked normal, not hideous, he was a nice person, and he did not have bad breath or body odour.... but I just could not stand the way he smelt!

Well.. ok.. so we know we have a signature scent.... and we attract or repel people with it.

How can you manipulate how attractive you smell?

Tricky.. and probably impossible because there's no one scent that's universally attractive. What one man finds appealing may repel another.

I've read that perfumes on women don't work as well as aftershave does on men when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. This is because women are like 100 times more perceptive to smell than men are. What does happen though is that women who have a sexy perfume on, can smell her own perfume and then... feel sexier, and more confident and it is this confidence that attracts men.. not the perfume itself.

Sweat can attract people. But that wears off as perspiration dries off quickly, leaving bacteria, and a proper stink. So you're technically only more attractive (smell wise) for about 10 minutes after sweating. After that ... it's best you change your shirt or jump in the shower if you plan on attracting men or women.

So... having pawed through quite a few articles on pheromones and their links to sexual attraction, I've come to the simple conclusion that the best bet you have.. is to be clean and healthy. If you are clean and healthy, then you're bound to smell the best you can smell. And if that doesn't suit someone, then too bad. No hard feelings mate, it's just the way you smell. George Melly :)


  1. Heh heh , some smell really bad. Some smell normally good for the nose. Different for all

  2. I watched a documentary once on a research which says that women are actually biologically tuned to be more attracted to the smell of a man who has a more suitable DNA for healthier offsprings.
    Putting it in simpler terms, it means that if a woman is more attracted to the natural smell of a man, there is a high chance (base on DNA compatibility) that the babies produced from this couple will be healthy than if the same woman produces babies with another man who's smell she is less attracted to.
    There was a test conducted to prove this theory, with the explanation that its kind of like a subconscious instinct of the women, evolved from our biological needs to produce strong and healthy offsprings.
    I think the above information sort of supports your theory too, although I'm sorry that I can't name my source, because it was years ago and I did not do further research on this.

  3. Anonymous5:48 pm

    im glad ive no BO...

  4. thnx for ur comments Harmony, cyn and bern!

    Cyn- yes, I do remember watching something about genetic compatibility affecting our attraction to our partners. Good points you raised.

  5. Anonymous12:45 am

    since we're talking about smell, i would want to take this opportunity to explain further why dog sniff at our feet. apparently our feet emitted some hormone which smells exactly like the likes of the dogs private parts.

  6. Anonymous2:20 pm

    i find the smells theory to be really true.
    from a personal viewpoint, you kinda realize that you're not quite into the girl anymore when she starts smelling odd.
    not smelly or appalling, but just downright unappealing.

  7. kingkong--- thanx for sharing tht bit of trivia :D

    Jeraldjustin- I know exactly what you mean!

  8. Anonymous9:34 am

    oh boy there is nothing sexier, scent of a man not a boy with 3 bottles of cologne splashed all over the place but a real man. and age has nothing to do with it, there are guys 18yrs old who smell so damn good you just want to go "meow". I have noticed some people that just exude sexuality, you know the kind..when its a turn on just being around them but when they leave you wonder what the hell was that about.
    On a totally different note i just read your post on penis's and i thought i'd share a little story. On day some years ago, i was spending the night at my bf's. Well we were really going to town on each other when there was a knock on his room door, his brother was standing there crying, he was wanking off when he hurt his penis of course we thought it was fractured and rushed him to hospital but it turned out it was just "sprained" from overuse . poor kid was traumatized, 16yrs old . i think he almost died of shame cause he had to expose himself while we put ice on it in the car, but what almost killed him was when i whispered in his ear "hmm bigger than your brother" lol (i was 19 at the time) and i said it just to make him feel better. lol horrid story from my youth. LP

  9. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Now I know why my girl always rub her nose against me every now and then no matter where we were at ...

  10. Anonymous8:38 pm

    I watched that very same documentary. :)

    I believe in science, so yeah, if one doesn't like the way their partner smells, I'd tell them to bugger off unless they want DNA-deficient kids.

    People with smelly partners intrigue me. I have a colleague whose BO is lethal, the kind that lingers long after he's gone. It's better than a namecard I tell you. I would never ever get into a fight with him for fear of potentially being put in a sleeper hold. Death by smell, not the way I'd like to go. But he has a wife, and a couple of kids, which suggests that they have had sexual relations at least three times. How? How???

  11. Anonymous 9.34 - The poor kid! I had a similar experience! One of my ex bfs, years ago, his kid brother had ulcers in his mouth, and then they got he had the germ/bacteria in his hands from contact with his mouth, then he played with his cock. And voila.. the next day or so.. he had blisters on his penis. Everyone panciked and thought it was an STD. He confessed to sex with a malay girl previously. An embarrassing hospital stay later, we find out it was just non-std ulcers. :s

    Michael Yip- yes.. she must love the way you smell.Saw pics on your blog.. you look like a great couple :D

    Saiful- LOL... sleeper hold... but yes,.. i often wonder if some people's partners are blind, deaf, no sense of smell or whatever... cos there are an awful lot of smelly, badly dressed, irritating voiced people around... all happily attached!!!


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