Holly Jean's Confession Box

Just started this new category of posts on my blog called Holly Jean's Confession Box.

There will be a poll for a topic each week or so... and readers can "confess" anonymously. (of course you are welcome to leave non-anonymous comments any time... but the polls are strictly anonymous)

Do be honest with your answers. I think it would be interesting to see the collective results.
Since the last post was on adultery, and a reader actually asked me if I had ever cheated before... I thought it apt to have my very first Confession Box poll about cheating.

Have you ever cheated on a partner? (BF/GF/Spouse)

I have. Once. A very very long time ago. Never to be repeated! :( (oh.. the shame...)

Ok, now, your turn:


  1. Anonymous1:22 pm

    it seems you have become the go to spot for all that is sensual hmm that's not right. I shall try again 'it seems that we all would like you to be the go to spot for all that is sensual" ah that's better.'

    The cheating topic is a good start, why do men or women cheat? is it an emotional reaction to another person or a purely physical one. or maybe both? why did you do it?

    while i have cheated physically with another person ,both guys did not recover well from my rather absurd need for physical gratification. I still feel its worse when there is an emotional link between the cheater and the 3rd party. I once had a bf who wanted me to cheat, as he enjoyed the idea of me having such an intense animal lust that i would go out and hunt. would that be considered cheating?

    love your blog by the way. L.P

  2. hmmm. L.P. I'm trying to place the initials... do i know you??

    THank you for sharing.. and with regards to the strange request from ur bf.. well.. i huess in THAT case it would not be considered cheating... same as if partners agree to have a threesome together... can't turn around and suddenly accuse your partner of cheating... tht sorta thing.

    When I cheated before- i was young, not much experience, insecure and got gratification from being attractive to other men. So silly, yet, so common...

    But as I have grown up, I enjoy exclusivity so much.. it's special... I cannot understand why people cheat on long term mates etc.

  3. Anonymous2:32 pm

    hmmm I don't think we know each other, L.P stands for liquid paper..as in i wish i could lp all my mistakes.
    I take your point, about the gratification of having a guy want you, there is something about being seduced by a guy, about the idea of breaking taboos, about the risk the danger and yes the drama lol and boy is there drama. I often wonder if all my choices in life are made simply by my feminine desire for drama, does it make us girl feel more wanted when there is drama. Its easier for guys, they go where their um er compass points and it seems they can easily detach from the situation when the need is consumed. I am reading your earlier post great stuff! a girlie girl feminista i love it! LP

  4. oh ok.. liquid paper.. haha.. how apt. :)

    well.. glad ur enjoying your time reading my blog :) i'm very pleased.

    thnx for sharing

  5. Anonymous4:41 pm

    I cheated before on my ex and it sure didn't feel good.
    At that time, we were having a long distance relationship and he had started to take me for granted so when a cute guy offered to be my travel mate on a company's trip, I accepted at once.
    Although we didn't do anything (like in sleeping together), it was still cheating (emotionally).

  6. Anonymous10:41 am

    How do you define cheating though? Physical and emotional have been mentioned. There're so many modes out there: via the internet, mobile phone...so on.

  7. When I cheated before- it was physical.

    but i define cheating as emotional as well.

    If it's MSN or mobile SMS or watever... I think it's wrong if you're doing something your partner would not like .. and esp if you're doing it without the partner's knowledge. It's not exactly cheating.. YET... but one's pretty much setting oneself up for temptation/attention/gratification etc....


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