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Hi everyone... I've just added this gadget in my sidebar -->

So now there are 2 ways to stay updated.

The old way is by subscribing (haven't you noticed?? It's always been there.)

And the new way is by following.

Do click FOLLOW THIS BLOG so you'll always be updated. :)


  1. Anonymous6:33 am

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  2. Anonymous10:29 am

    Hi Holly, I've been reading your blog and its really interesting! However, we want to see Mark and know more about him!! After all we've been waiting for this time for so long! We're happy for you too! When will you reveal him ;>

  3. I will reveal him soon...promise!! just hang on a while longer ...

  4. Anonymous12:10 am

    Ok... heh. I know, guess i'm being impatient. I'm so glad you found Mark, you know he seems like a real wonderful guy. He's obviously so accepting and is mature and patient. Best of luck, Holly.


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