The Worst Men To Date

One of saddest things I have seen in my lifetime has been the decline in male culture. What happened to scruples, morals, chivalry...

Although there are some great men out there... on my list, these are the types I try to avoid.

Holly Jean's Top 10 Men To Avoid

10. The No Time To Call Guy

Now, I don't expect a guy to run home and phone me the first possible second he can manage, but anything after about two days, and I pretty much write him off. If they don't call, it means that they are not that interested or they are still in a phase where they need to play relationship games... creating an air of mystery or the sense tht he is unattainable and therefore possibly more desirable... I call bullshit on that.

9. The Girl

I don't know what's up with the trend in Asia and Singapore where guys are getting whispy hair cuts, having a smaller and slimmer built and just looking more and more androgynous. I don't know why a lot of women here think these "men" are desirable!! If a man feels the need to pout his glossy lips, have girly looking clothes or have a floppy flirty hair style, I'd be seriously turned off. I like my men looking like ...well...MEN!

8. The Boy
This is the one that didn't grow up. Either he can't keep a job or blames everyone else for his own lack of commitment... AND he's constantly outraged that the world is not giving him the respect he feels he deserves.

7. The Green Goblin

Men who are so paranoid and jealous they check up on you and just don't trust you.

6. The flirt

If you are with me and you flirt with other women, I'd find it pretty friggin' rude and nothing short of an invitation for an argument.

5. The Prick

Why can't women have Men's Brains? Because they don't have penises to put them in.

Jokes aside, The prick is a man who thinks with his stick. He'd fuck a cow.Avoid this loser, he's not going to make a good partner, and apart from the cheating, he'd probably also be loaded with diseases.

4. The Brand New Expat

When a foreigner (usually white) comes to Asia, he suddenly finds himself in a Disneyland of girls. Some of these men, having previously been much less desirable in their home country, are unable to handle this new found attention. They don't realise that it's because here they have money, and some poor misguided blokes don't even realise if it's a transvestite!

3. Mr MeanI love men who have power, but am utterly turned off if that power causes him to be cruel or treat those less powerful in a demeaning way. I'm not looking for a saint here but I cannot stand a man who's mean.

2. Sports Maniac

A healthy love for sports, especially if it's not merely as a spectator, is great. But a man whose world revolves around soccer teams or baseball stats will soon piss me off.

1. Mr-Know-It-All

They have put a big label on you after one date or one conversation. These men think they got you all figured out.

** No offense to my great Socrates, the first lover of wisdom.


  1. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Gackt is HOT! I wouldn't mind... *drool* hahaha

  2. i agree, no idea why androgenous men is hot.. lol

    i don't want a all men men (very much egoistic) but pls not too gentle. haha, at least pls not gentle than me~ lol

  3. hmmmm

    i think i become ur #1 don't list
    i did that to some blogger(shhh,dun tell)

    but nevertheless, i'll take it in positive way and go absorb absorb it

  4. Anonymous3:23 pm

    you forgot the game player!!!
    the one who analyzes EVERYTHING and plays stupid games that make your head spin!

    i like my guy be a manly in terms of working out, and have his own opinion, does not like being totally whipped by me, dresses well and maintains himself well, sporty without being a meathead, well read, an intellectual and charming (but not a serial flirt with other girls when he's with me!) HAHHA

    to unrealistic?!

  5. Wau... haha....

    thanks for the info!!


  6. Anonymous5:01 pm

    lol...*thinking hard...which category am I in? mmm....

    ah well, I find your blog to be a very interesting place to hang out u know.

    Thumbs up!

  7. feeling lucky im not a man right now. hahahahaha..

  8. I guess... All the men in the world have at least one of those above...

  9. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Great Info!!

  10. Huh, I dislike the 'girls' the most. I don't understand neither!!

  11. Anonymous12:13 am


    This made me, uhm, seriously laugh.

    And made me think about myself.


    I'm beginning to like your blog!

  12. The Green Goblin is one of my favourite villains. I know you are angry at the 'Green Goblins' mentioned here and I can faintly see the analogy you are trying to show here (that they are bastards!) but please don't demean THE Green Goblin.

    Sorry being one of the many Marvel fans I felt it was my duty to say that.

    Btw, spot on with the girly guys!

  13. heheh good post. you should check out this, something that contradict yours.

  14. Anonymous3:44 am

    Not much choice for you anymore Holly! Seriously. lol!

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  16. then, who are the best men to date?

  17. Yo Yash.. apologies abt the Green Goblin.. I actually like the green goblin character.. (as played by William daffoe??? ) smart powerful man.. such a turn on.

    But i just needed something GREEN to signify jealousy. :)


    I'm glad many agree tht androgenous men are not attractive, was expecting to be crucified for tht point because so many girls here idolise these girly looking taiwanese/HK/Korean stars.


    Keong.. will figure out who are the Best Men To Date... great idea! thanks.

  18. excuse me to correct this androgenous as androgynous. Androgen is good.

  19. hi Betatrading,

    thanks for the correction.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Why is Mr Know-It-All no good? And I guess, the 'girl' is probably just the look wise as such hairstyles is in fashion? I dont know haha, interesting post anyway (:

  22. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Racism, full of shit

  23. huh?? do u mean sexism?

  24. Anonymous1:24 pm

    sounds like the kind of person you are trying to date just doesn't exist.

    guys in your "love to date columns" tend to cycle through girls like you to get laid, which makes them the "flirt" until they decide to settle down with someone and become "the guy that screws the cow".

    lucky us.

  25. Anonymous5:54 pm

    haha everyman is a combo of all of theese things. there is not a single man alive that dosnt feel. or find himself acting in character to that list. cept maybe dressing like a girl.

  26. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself before judging men by such petty things. I found myself a beautiful man that does have quite a few of those attributes and I love him for them as for androgynous there is nothing quite as hot as a chiseled soft feminine bloke.

  27. Anonymous10:16 am

    This is really sad. It is perpetuating many unhealthy myths about what a man is supposed to be. If a man wrote a similar post about what he was looking for in a female partner - would you not be offended when he said that girls were supposed to be "girls" and therefore shouldn't be into sports, shouldn't wear pants, shouldn't have short hair, shouldn't be educated, shouldn't be too conservative... but also shouldn't be slutty. Sexism goes both ways. It is a reflection of ignorance and I really wish you would consider the message your a publicly sending out to the world when you say you want a man to be a man. Its putting us back into a history that isn't good for any gender identification.

  28. Anonymous3:21 pm

    haha anonymous I do agree with you to a certain extent but I also agree with Holly's list! Makes sense actually haha. You're being too harsh on her haha!


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