The Type Of Men I Want To Date

As a follow up to my post on the Top 10 Men to Avoid Dating, I've come up with yet another list.

Of course, men may be a combination of these. I could only come up with 4 types of men, I didn't want to add a fifth just for the sake of having a nicer number. Don't be overly critical, just enjoy it for what it's worth. :)

Holly Jean's Top 4 Types of Men to Date

4. The Best Friend
He likes spending time with you. It's not an "effort". He’s funny, caring, and gentle. He says all the right things at all the right times. There is a mutual understanding and common goals which you work together to accomplish. [Of course there has to be a physical attraction too, otherwise he'd have to stay a regular best friend.]

3. Mr Romantic
This guy knows it's the little things that count. The unexpected phone call just to say "I'm thinking of you", the surprise note in the most obscure places... such as my sock drawer (My ex Skye used to leave notes for me all over the house, and it always made me smile), a quick romantic getaway, flowers (for girls who actually like them), making the effort to cook for me.... the list is endless...

2. Wholesome Heathy Man
He takes good care of his body and health. The gym (or any kind of exercise) is a big part of his life. Although I wouldn't want a vegetarian (seeing that my favourite animal is.. erm.. bacon), and I don't want a health freak (who only eats organic) but I do want a man who won't ruin his body with drugs, cigarettes or excessive amounts of alcohol.

1. The Sexy Older Man
I think men reach their peak when they're between 35-45 years old. They’re older and handsomely so. Stable career. He's been with enough women and have had enough experience to know what he wants in life. The word "settle down" is probably not all that non-existent in his vocabulary.
*NOTE: Pictures are purely for illustrative purposes... in no way am I indicating that Jason Biggs, Johnny Depp, Matthew Mcconaughey and Richard Gere are the men I want to date.


  1. I just reached the peak...

    Guessed there is only a few aged >35 here (nuffnangers)

  2. Anonymous4:26 pm

    ok, When a man is sexy, handsome and successful in his 35 to 45 years range, and he is still single. haha! come on holly! these kind of men only live in movies, or Hollywood. lol! No such animal lives in really life, at least not in SG.

  3. HI anonymous... one of the guys I'm actually dating someone who's 39, single, and actually really nice, and I find him attractive :s.

    Of course, it's only been a couple of weeks.... so hard to tell. I'm sure with my luck.. there'll be something wrong with him!

    :) nothing exclusive yet.. will keep my readers updated :D

  4. Anonymous11:51 am

    alright Holly, good luck to u! but here just some friendly advices. I don't know about ur man, but most of men who are in 35 to 45 range, not bad looking and rich, if they are still not settle down, don't you think they really want to settle down anymore? you are right that they are been with enough women and have had enough experience, but the point is they like to be with different women. at the end, he may become your unforgettable man, and you are just his one of experienced woman. Anyway, Good luck again! all the best. lol!

  5. Anonymous11:54 am

    just realized if you combine all for of the types mentioned in your post, you will get one really fantastic dream guy !!!!!

  6. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Heard you talking about this 39 year old in your previous blogs, seems like a really nice guy so what's keeping you? Go for it, babe!

  7. Hi Lynn... yeah.. I do want to give it a shot.. but taking things very slow and easy.. have screwed up so many relationships ...


  8. Anonymous10:14 am

    Yes, give it the time.. I am very much in the same situation as you and this man is also 39. As I read through this blog of yours, I thought he have these qualities too. :)

  9. Anonymous7:58 am

    I'm only in my 30's and this guy who is 65 keeps asking me out saying women like older guys...not that old, geesh. He thinks it's okay since he isn't hitting on 20 yr olds and I'm grossed out by his sagging skin and giant belly.

  10. yeah .. i thnk 35 years is a bit too much.. :s

    If you don't find him attractive, doesn't matter what age... it's not for you.

    :) but thank u for sharing.. made me laugh .

    Sure you didn't flirt and lead him on in the first place???? :D haha

  11. Anonymous1:32 am

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