My Eyelash Extensions

I know that eyelash extensions are very common now. But as always... late-bloomer, hesitant, procrastinating me ... never got them until today.

They are really pretty. I opted for natural ones, instead of the fake looking tranny type lashes.

It is a bit of a hassel to take care of. I was told not to rub my eyes, I have to wash my face with a sponge (for someone who is used washing her face while standing under a blasting shower, this time consuming "sponge" wash will take a LOT of getting used to) and worst of all... I have to go back every month to maintain them because the lashes will fall off gradually (and that is an uncomfotable 45 minutes of lying there doing absolutely nothing while they do your lashes! My eyes have to be shut so I can't even read a book!) ... My God! Vanity is a blood sucking leech! HOW DO YOU GIRLS KEEP IT UP???
This is my face without make up but with the eyelash extension. Close up, the eyelashes are much thicker and longer than my usual natural ones. But at a distance, when my eyes are open, you can't really notice the extensions. Should I have gotten the Tranny Barbie doll long lashes instead of the shorter sane looking ones?

Already I go for my brazillian wax every month or so... I cannot be arsed to add another monthly obligation to my vanity list. So I don't think I will get them re-done next month... such a bother. Now let's just hope when these extensions fall off, they don't take my real lashes with them!!!! *HORROR*


  1. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Hey Holly, they are beautiful! Why don't you blog about your brazillian wax too? Always something I want to try but never.

  2. Anonymous5:20 pm

    hey holly, talking about wax, do you prefer the guy you dating shaved or not? (you know i don't mean shaving face, lol!)

  3. incidentally... i cant stand a face tht is not clean shaven! haha

    but in his pants... I quite like it shaved... and I like it hairy as well... as long as it's clean and trimmed. :)

    I don't like man who wax.. I find it all a bit girly.

  4. waxes !! waxes!!! God.. I've been making soooo many typos today.

  5. I am not a girl but from what I heard from the girls who did it, it does take your lashes along with it. But it should grow back.... eventually.


  6. Hello Holly Jean! you go for brazilian waxing? my friends and i intend to get it done after our As but we heard it is very painful. can you tell me alittle abit it? Thanks!

  7. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Your extensions are sooo pretty...can I know where and how much you did them for?

  8. hi anonymous 12:19 I did mine at city plaza, a shop on the second floor... for $50. I chose the natural ones instead of barbie type.

    same price for both.

  9. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Hi holly, where do u go for B.wax?

    - lee

  10. click link for brazilian wax at Golddust in my side bar. my therapist's name is Kerry


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