My Criminal Pixelised Face

Ok.. information has been coming in drips and drabs.

Just found out that the Singapore chinese paper also ran an article about me/myblog.

Here's the screenshot... of course, my PC cannot show chinese words... and I cannot read chinese anyway. Click the web link here to see the article (in chinese of course)

I'm insulted again.. because they used a picture of me which they stole from my blog (and this pic they used is property of FHM Singapore in the first place anyway).. and pixelised my CRIMINAL(?) face.

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  1. Anonymous2:48 pm

    The article is talking about you posting about your favourite positions as well as you telling everyone where you did it before with your previous boyfriends. It also says where you wish to do it.
    Your name is written there in chinese and says that you are currently single and claims that you have not been close to a guy for ten months.

  2. Anonymous3:23 pm

    hey Holly, 10 months? serious? OMG. haha! i thot you date so many guys. haha! come on girl, you need more healthy life.

  3. I've been single for 10 months.. meaning not had a long term BF.

    Of course I've been dating ppl within the last 10 months... too many people!


  4. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Gosh girl...haven't read your blog in awhile and suddenly you're on the wanted list? hahahaha... hey... i'm coming back on the 27th night... i wanna take u out belated birthday dinner ok... 27th or 28th or 29th.. but u do the booking for me? hee heee... i cant do it from here la.. let's go for cable car dining.. night. on me of course.

    about the year's supply of make-up...any chance u can rig that so i'd win it? :p


  5. Farizan.. if i could rig the contest... then I'd make myself the winner. :)

    Of course.. we'll do a night out when u get here... YAY! I really miss u. ARe u free here on Monday afternoon? Then we can cafe del mar with happy hour beers!

    I dont want cable car dinner, it's overpriced and hyped. Don't waste your $.


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