My Blog in the Newspaper?

Ok, this morning, I've received a few emails, MSN messages and one post on my tag board telling me that my blog (A Thing Or Two About Holly Jean) was featured (maybe just mentioned) in the newspapers.

And I don't know anything about it.

All I know through my readers so far is that it is in the China Press?? Which is a Malaysian paper.

And since it'll be in Chinese.. I have no idea what they wrote about me or my blog.

Can someone please enlighten me??

I want to know if they wrote something good or bad or what?? I am clueless here.


  1. Anonymous5:38 pm

    You post on the top ten sex place was in the newspaper but it didnt credit ur blog URL.

    I only know its your article becos I read it in your blog previously and it's the same article.

  2. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Hey Holly, I report for the Straits Times and checked the archives...

    Nothing came up.... sorry. However, I write a youThink column on Mondays occasionally.

    Want to be cited? I could give it a shot if it fits the content.... :)

  3. Anonymous9:07 pm

    i'm here because i searched for ur URL after i read abt ur news in the m'sian chinese newspaper today. it says 'rich girl offering sex'. i was like 'tsk tsk tsk, how come girls nowadays...' but it seems that my predictions are wrong after i read ur post on the 'top 10 best places to have sex'. how can the newspaper simply write one!!

  4. Hi Michelle...

    yes, if that's what they wrote about me then it's misconstrued.... and I heard my name is there (only translated into chinese)!!!

    "Rich Girl Offering Sex"???!!! Crap!

    I'd REALLY like to have a copy of that article now... see if there's any grounds to hit them... legally.

  5. Anonymous10:35 am

    yeah got ur chinese name some more. and also ur photo but blurred already. oh by the way, its 'zhong guo bao' (china paper). ask around ur msian friends see if they got or not lo..

  6. Anonymous9:34 pm

    I like it very much!

  7. Anonymous11:31 am

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