Here's That Article

A really helpful reader (and my new MSN Friend!) Kelson from Malaysia, sent me the article that was in the Malaysian newspaper.

I asked a friend to translate it, but it wasn't clear enough... so all he could tell me was that Basically, it's just sensationalising the fact that I wrote openly about sex. No biggie. Don't think they called me a slut looking for sex or something utterly misconstrued, misleading and malignly as that... I HOPE...
Oh.. and I hate how they ripped my photo off my blog (without my permission).. and then blurred out my face as if I'm some criminal and they're protecting my identity!

[Next time... have the professional integrity just politely email a simple request okay... afterall.. not as if I am uncontactable.]

Other than that... all is good... and I can carry on with my merry ways.


  1. Anyone can read chinese?

  2. Anonymous5:49 am

    yes but the words are too blurry.

  3. Anonymous12:57 pm

    lmao.. the previous article talks about the famous 10 sex place u wan to do with ur bf..


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