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Sentosa Island
21 August 2008
Contrary to popular Singaporean belief, Sentosa is not just an island south of Singapore where the only thing of interest is the beach. The island is a S$14 billion world-class integrated leisure and lifestyle destination. Fellow blogger, Matthew Zachary Liu and I played tourists for the day and found out what the little island had to offer.
Fort Siloso is Singapore's only preserved coastal fort. It has the largest collection of World War II memorabilia, life-sized replicas and interactive exhibits.

The British surrendering Singapore to the Japanese. *sob*
One of the Big Guns firing.
Money Money Money... Always Sunny, In The Rich Man's World
*blush* Oh My Matthew.. Is that a gun in your pocket ...
I have an even bigger one! Boom!
Fort Siloso Gift Shop: See how good we are at feigning interest
The Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom is where you can have 1,500 live butterflies – from over 50 species – flutter about you as you enjoy the cool outdoor conservatory.

I don't know what parrots have to do with butterflies. But they were there. And yes, I was actually scared shitless. The bloody beak is so damn big!!!

4D Magix & Cineblast are two state of the art theatres on the island. Cineblast screens 3D shows while 4D magix goes one step higher by also offering a fourth dimension to your experience. I felt water, blasts of cold air, my chair shook, I felt something crawling at my legs... it was amazing!

OK. So we exaggerated. A little. :)

Images of Singapore is a dive into Singapore's past. Very NATIONAL EDUCATION-ish. But still, we managed to have fun.

All aboard The Soul Train bus ...

Old school game of Five Stones!!! There was also the Congkak, gasing (top) and Chapteh... but I don't know how to play them.

Chinese Fortune Teller

Chinatown? Some market. I'm buying Mellons. :)
Matthew bullying me, but I seem to be enjoying it
WTF you doing, Holly?

The Merlion is a half-lion, half-fish creature. On Sentosa, this mascot of Singapore (yes, we do realise it's mythical) stands 37 metres high and serves as a viewing gallery. Not quite the Eiffle or the Statue of Liberty...

Slotting coin into the mouth. *rolls eyes*

Luge and Skyride! The skyride is like a ski lift which takes you uphill and you come down on a luge which is basically like a go-kart but it's powered by gravity.

Yes... I know. I should have left my huge bag in the car.

Cafe Del Mar, on Siloso beach is my personal favourite. Blue skies, sunshine, cold beers. Just a little taste of heaven.

Tiger Tower formerly known as the Carlsberg Tower ( go figure!), offers a better view than the Merlion and in comfort as well. No stairs to climb, and it's air-conditioned.

Songs of the Sea is a musical show about an enchanted village on the sea. Complete with pyrotechnics, fireworks and all that jazz.

Tired at the end of a long day: Me, Matt and Kenny.

Thanks to blogger Matthew for all the planning, hard work and arrangements.

Thanks to Kenny Leong our photographer for all the awesome pics in this post.
Email Kenny at

And of course Sentosa Island, for sponsoring this fun trip.


  1. Anonymous12:59 am

    Hey Ms holly!
    WoW! Preety sure u had a blast in Sentosa! i myself didnt know sentosa woz dat interesting. Should try it out some time. Well, its kinda relaxing there right?=) haha. Well miss ya=) But Sentosa is really farn especially at Siloso. haha. Would try it out some time ok. haha . ok =)lol bye!

    Nadhirah<-( v )->

  2. Nice photos & travel update...
    I wanna go Sentosa too! =)

  3. yuan lei Matt is a cute guy >.<

  4. Anonymous2:10 pm

    omg.. you're hawt!
    Sentosa must be in an off-peak season btw. It looks like a ghost town.
    I recall going to Sentosa when I was a kid. LOL

  5. HI Keong.. yeah it was a weekday.. thursday I think... but wasn't a ghost town lol. ON the contrary .. we came to the conclusion that Sentosa was a money making Island! Tourists everywhere... just few locals because its a normal working day in Singapore.

    But pics like the 4DMagix cinema, the people are not allowed to take pics inside. So we only had clearance to take pics after the show, when everyone has cleared out... :) tht sorta thing

  6. din neo sentosa would be such a nice place..hopefully could get myself there when visiting sg..

  7. Gosh can't imagine when i was in Sentosa last. Must've been been a score of years and more when i was working in Spore. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

  8. Soon there will be resorts and two casinos there. Woot! No more bets.

  9. Anonymous12:00 am

    I wish Kenny could have photographed my 'fun' moments at Sentosa. Hmmm, there was that humiliating ice breaker that had me running around with a bike helmet on during a borefest of a work outing. Or that time I was trying to impress a lovely lady on the golf driving range but instead soaked my shirt with sweat so badly that she insisted I buy a 'Sentosa' tshirt to change into. Or how about my face after drinking a rancid cup of overpriced ice coffee at the coffee bean. Every time I leave Sentosa I feel stressed and ripped off. Kenny, take a chance and photograph the Sentosa that doesn't make the brochure.

  10. Ol Chang Kee...
    You can't blame your bad times on Sentosa!!
    1. you "bore fest" work outing.. would have been shit anywhere you have it. I mean.. have a grown man run around in a bike helmet as part on an ice-breaking game? God! Sentosa didn't plan the retreat for you, you only have your own work management team to blame for coming up with dumb activities befitting an orientation for young kids.

    2. You soaked your shirt badly when we were at the golf range there, because SIngapore is hot, and you sweat a lot. What do you expect when you play golf in Singapore?! or S.E Asia!

    3. As far as I know, the prices at the Coffeebean at Sentosa is the same as any CoffeeBean in Singapore. And your coffee was rancid? God! Why didn't you do something about it? You never told me this... Don't tell me you were a doormat again and paid for rancid coffee.

    4. I'm sorry you feel stress everytime you're at Sentosa.. I can't really challege that.

    Sure, Kenny can take whatever photos you want... you can hire him to do so.

  11. Anonymous2:56 pm

    I want to explore sentosa tooo!! :(

  12. it's amazing sentosa
    thanks for information


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