How To Make a Puppy Sling Carrier

When I take Cookie for walks on the beach... sometimes she can't keep up. Pugs, like bulldogs, have short noses, or punched in faces. While this is awfully cute, it also means they have difficulty breathing.

So very often, I have to carry her through long stretches. And my arms ache! She cannot fit into her harness anymore. So I decided to make a sling, in which she can sit comfortably.

It's amazingly simple, yet it works! You can make one for your cat/dog/ferret/etc too.


  1. Cute. I'll have to keep this in mind if I ever decide to take my cat on walks with me.

  2. haha yea man, i get what you mean by "talking to yourself" when there's no form of interaction on the blog. anyway cool video

  3. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Hey, thanks for dropping by holly! Hope you found something interesting

  4. hehe. good idea.

    and you said you think your "maternal insticts have not kicked in yet :(". hehe

  5. Oh. I'll make one for my German Shepard.


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