1001 Nights Without Sex

Apologies. I've not blogged in almost a whole week! But I've tried. I started a post on "The Weasel" which is basically a man worse than The Mighty Disappearing Man! But halfway through writing that post, I somehow lost the spirit and drive. Basically, it was depressing me and I didn't find writing about it any fun at all. I might pick it up again some time soon.

I also started writing about the Top Ten Worst Things About Singapore... because I was inspired by my friend T who will be moving here soon, and he's been ringing to ask me so much about this country. So I thought a tongue in cheek, humorous look at our country's short comings would somewhat prepare him for the iminent culture shock. Ok... by culture, I don't mean culture, since we don't really have any. But then National Day has just passed, and they're still bloody broadcasting reruns of the National Day Celebrations on TV.... so I'll just hold back this post for another week or so. You know.. in the patriotic spirit of things. :)

On a good note, I bought more cheap bathrobes, bras, g-strings and Furry boots (yellow this time) from Cotton On Body yesterday.

And in the evening, I had dinner with my friend Dr D again. It was a Dumpling/ xiao long bao type dinner on East Coast... of which he didn't let me pay.. again. This is like the sixth dinner bill he's footed. I think I shall have to stop having dinner with him, cos quite frankly, it's getting a wee bit embarrassing cos I don't want it to seem like I'm using him for meals or something like that (Heard that David??!!!)

And being the Nerdos that we are, we spent some of the evening at Borders.

I thought it was totally apt that I bought this book by Suzanne Schlorberg, 1001 Nights Without Sex. I was choosing between this book and Eat Pray Love, which is supposedly about a woman's journey in finding herself after a divorce and other shitty things in life.

Both books are true stories and steeped with insights/ hindsights on life. I chose 1001 Nights Without Sex, because I figured it would be a laugh. And Eat Pray Love seemed like it would make me cry. That is however, next on my To Read list.

Anyway, I am halfway through 1001 nights, and this Jew girl is a fucking riot. She gives an honest, witty and hilarious insight into the world of the single woman who just won't settle for Mr-Not-Quite-Right, which I can totally relate to.

(And for the curious.... the writer is happily married now, to an IT geeky type man who resembles Archie Andrews and they have twins!)


  1. Currently reading "A Spot of Bother" by Mark Haddon.

  2. i like the way u used "so-and-so is a fucking riot"! which i was a fucking riot.. LOL. sounds cool-ish.


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