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Get paid to review my blog posts.

Everytime you see this link/logo at the end of my blogpost, you can click on it and review that particular post on your own blog page. I've placed this logo on about 10 of the last blog posts I've written. You can rant or rave, up to you, but you have to link back to my post that you're reviewing. Make money, increase traffic to our blogs.... Sounds good to me!

Sign up for Pay Per Post! Blogger ally introduced me to payperpost... I'm pretty new to it, so I cannot vouch for how much money you can make... I'll update you guys in a few weeks. But the way i see it... if you enjoy blogging, you have the flair in writing but are pulling in too little money through adspace and want to branch out into advertorials PayPerPost is worth a shot!

When you join, you get $20 for your very first post! Payments will be made through PayPal. If you're a blogger, all you need to do is fill in the instant form above to join PayPerPost. If you're an advertiser, click this link You can also hire me under payperpost direct if you want me to write an advertorial or review a product. I'll have the link up for that in the sidebar soon.

OK my friends... knock yourselves out! (and keep me posted)



  1. Anonymous5:35 pm

    haha... so you are writing your first $20.00 post.

    It is hard to grab the opportunities unless your google page rank is more than 0.

    anyway, good luck :D

  2. Anonymous5:58 pm

    cha ching!!
    usd20 in the bank! :P


  3. hi r.p.

    my google page rank is 3.. but there are no available opportunities on the market place as the advertorials for asian regions are taken up. I've only been with them 2 days. will check back every few days.. not sure how often new advertisers come on....

  4. Anonymous2:45 am

    hi holly jean. Woah! Rank 3. Mine doesn't even have rank yet. Maybe my blog is still new.

    Anyway, I am not sure when new opportunities will appear. I just check every time I switch on my laptop haha.

    You know what? I just missed the latest $5.50 advert :(

    I have to wait 9 mor days till PPP transfer $20 to my paypal. Will keep you updated. :D


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