Little Miss Organised

I actually did it! I sorted my wardrobe yesterday! And I had time to go watch Dark Knight as well... which I swear is THE BEST Batman film... I thought Robert D jr was impressive in Iron man... but Christian Bale owned Bruce Wayne!

The heap of clothes I had to sort out.

3 hours later....


I've got a heap of clothes I need to get rid of now.... fingers crossed I will never need them again. You know sods law!

Ps- I also have more exciting news for you... but I can't say what it is right now... it will have to wait... (no.. nothing to do with men!)


  1. mmhhh...quiet interesting...i just drop by .im new here

  2. Anonymous12:14 pm

    show us the whole wardrobe, must be massive!! nice job :)

  3. Anonymous3:39 pm

    is there a room in there?

  4. Anonymous5:49 pm

    anything I can fit into among your scraps? :D and tell me tell me what's newww!!--nn

  5. haha.. actually there's only space for my bed... and a small hello kitty rug.

    nn-- i was thinking of flea marketing.... dunnoee..... afraid it will be a waste of time. But will pull out the stra small stuff for u soon. btw remind me to pass the T-cards to u ah.. I keep forgetting!

  6. Wah, so many pair of sneakers.


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