La vie c'est si bon. C'est si bon!

For some reason.. I can't get this tune out of my head. It's the jingle of the current Starhub commercial... La vie c'est si bon. C'est si bon!

Vaguely translated as Life. It is so good.

Any idea who sings it?? It's not the same as Louis Armstrong's C'est Si Bon... or any of the slow versions... The one I like is more upbeat and cheeky sounding...

Ok nevermind.
I was never a cool kid growing up because I was never fond of the right stuff or Pop music.

But now that I have grown up, and care less about what people think about me... let me share with you some of my favourites...

Joss Stone(pink hair, bare feet and all) doing a cover of Dusty Springfield's Son of a Preacher Man (I adore both joss and dusty)

(Delirious Divas, are you reading this? Look at Joss Stone's kaftan cut/ blue chiffon dress in this video.. any chance I can get a similar one tailored???)

One of my Favourite songs from Joss Stone- Tell me Bout it... "addicted to their man"'s so me! (This video is with lyrics)

My other favourite is Amy Winehouse... liked her from yearrrrssss ago. She was such a young white girl who sang like a black woman. Pity about the drinks and drugs and bad make up now though...

Ok just that for now.. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Even I was looking for that french song! Trust me. I have spent a long time searching for it. I am starting to think Starhub got someone to specially sing it for them. Do let me know if you find it :).

  2. the singer's voice sounded like eartha kitt..but i found in youtube a slower version...not as perky as the one in starhub

  3. Anonymous6:02 pm

    This jinger has also stuck in my head for a while. I even took French Lesson for it. Hahah. I have ask my French Teacher about the song. I recorded it off the TV and play for him.

    He mentioned it may have been a self-made song.

    Any new discovery please update me thanks....


    The song's been around since 1949. First time I heard it was Lisa Ono's version (Japanese singer who sings Bossa Nova) a couple of years ago.

    This one's a pretty upbeat one.

  5. I know exactly what song you're referring to, and I love it as well! :) I have the mp3 if you want it. Great blog btw, it's a good read. Take care n God bless!

  6. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Called Starhub to check.. the song is called La Vie C'est Si Bon and No, it is not the same song titled C'est Si Bon by Eartha Kitt or Arielle Bombasle.

    Apparently, its a song the marketing / Advertising team at Starhub came up with on their own, especially for this ad. They've also mentioned that it is not currently released to the public (full version) for downloading or buying. If Rudi has the mp3, I'm curioyus to know if it is the same version or if it's the Eartha Kitt one.


  7. HI Jd.
    thanks for the info.

    Rudi has sent me 2 versions of cest si bon. and both are nice, but they're not the exact starhub one.

    Basically, C'est Si Bon and not La Vie C'est Si Bon. :(

  8. Anonymous9:36 am

    Hi Holly, in response to your comment on my blog:

    "yeah.. the one Rudi sent me was just an upbeat / remix of c’est si bon.. and not starhub’s La Vie Cest si bon"

    I guess we'll just have to wait until Starhub realizes the demand for this piece of admusic and release the mp3 to the public... maybe at $1 SGD per download or something. Not much else we can do really... but do keep me posted if you hear anything and I will do the same.

    Nice blog btw.


  9. Anonymous6:40 pm

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  10. im looking for that song tooooooo x\

    la vie! c'est si bon, c'est si bon!

  11. now this song on magnum classic with davika hoorne

  12. I spent my time to search that jinggle too

  13. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Could you please to share the jingle of magnum classic to my email

  14. really I am searching that jingle now. I think I'm the only one who curious about that song . oh no I'm wrong. somebody please send me the song to

  15. Is there someone who can find that song? That's so lovely.
    La vie! C'est si bon! C'est si bon!

  16. Its 2023 and I still looking for that song


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