5 Inch Scar Versus 5 Inch Cunt

We have the power of choice.

Make the right one.

Many women who can undergo normal vaginal births are opting for elective cesarean sections. (See Angelina Jolie)

When I was dating Tim, he was the one who got me thinking about it. He was all for a cesarian birth for his future wife... But there are pros and cons to both procedures. So let's do some research before making a decision. Of course this will go beyond a 5 inch scar or a 5 inch cunt... though both of these "superficialities" do concern me greatly.

How wise a choice is it to undergo a c-section that isn't medically necessary? Do men prefer it for selfish reasons? Does tightness matter? Do doctors only encourage it because it's faster and more lucrative for them?

Cesarean Birth

The Good
- The delivery can be planned and executed to the minute, so moms don't have to worry about waiting for contractions and rushing to the hospital
- 'Stay Tight'. Baby the size of a mellon does not pass through your vagina and rip/over stretch it
- Avoid common problems such as incontinence, perineal damage, and sexual dysfunction.
- No long labour and moms suffer less pain during delivery

The Bad
-Major surgery hence higher risks compared to normal births
-More difficult and longer recovery. The incision is through layers and layers of tissue and muscle, all of which have ot be stitched back together again
- It is unadvisable to opt for a vaginal birth for your next child once you have undergone a c-section because you risk it rupturing

The Ugly
(The 5 inch scar... if you're lucky, otherwise it's larger)

Ok...I'm sorry, maybe I'm immature or something.. but I seriously don't think I can deal with looking like this. Honestly, can you?

Vaginal Birth

The Good
- Natural process, and less likely to cause complications for the mom
- Cheaper (but I don't see this as a factor of concern)
- Shorter hospital stay (one to three days) and quicker physical recuperation

The Bad
- Labour complications which could put the baby in distress. Trauma while going through the birth canal.
- The fear and pain

The Ugly
How is this "normal"??? It's like the size of 30 penises lumped together.... okay, 20 if they're black ( only kidding!)

Ok.. I don't know what possessed me to work on a post like this... I'm feeling great nausea now. I hope someone out there benefits from this.
As for me, I'm still undecided... but I'm no where close to having babies... not for some years... so I think I'll stop thinking about this for now... unless I want to vomit.


  1. Heys Hol

    Honestly - the picture does not depict the actual scar, I know coz I have one. Much smaller and almost not visible after sometime.

    I am due in a couple of weeks and am undecided which way I want to opt for - vaginal delivery or another c-section. ;p

  2. Hi Holly :)

    When the time comes, getting professional medical advice is very important. A reliable and qualified personnel will be able to give you a better picture of the risks involved and options available based on your personal health and medical history, which will differ from person to person.

    I've also heard that C-section scars are really much smaller and less visible nowadays with advance medical science. Hopefully this helps to quench your nausea lol.

    Not that I am encouraging C-sections, I have this conservative thinking that natural birth is healthier for both mother and baby if the pregnancy is not complicated by health issues. But then the choice depands on each individual, and I agree not to "worry" about such things until the time comes and we are likely to think differently already. :)

  3. thanks Cyn and Rina for your comments...

    congrats on your second one Rina! :)

  4. Wow you really mean't the whole not liking babys much thing.

    I also did some research on this a few weeks back, mostly because I remembered that my brother and I are born through C-section and I was really curious about its side-effects. I remember reading that the C-section scar can hurt a bit for life. I don't know how true that is.

    What shocked me was that I actually found the video for C-section on youtube. I didn't even know they allowed that kind of stuff on it! Anyways, I watched it and I was expecting myself to at least feel a little grossed out but to tell the truth I wasn't. There was nothing abnormal about a child being born, whichever way it might be (OK, I haven't seen the other way yet).

    The second photo of a C-section scar that you have is a bit exaggerated, it looks more like the one above it.

    I really would like something like C-section to be the woman's choice and the guy shouldn't really have a say in it.

  5. Anonymous12:23 pm

    My mom actually delivery me through Cesarean Birth method and she nearly die because the lack of blood. However, it's better to use Vaginal delivery unless we had no choice.

  6. No problem Holly :)

    Honestly, when it comes to giving birth - it is a lot more than where you have the scar. When you know it is another person's life that is involved (Ryan was an emergency C-section case) you will do whatever it takes. :) I guess that is why I had a totally new found respect for mothers knowing how hard pregnancy and giving birth really is. But the end result is always worth it.

  7. Anonymous12:11 am

    urrr hollyy i'm all for adoption now... --nn

    P.s. when you gonna consult the deck?? :D

  8. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Thank God I'm blessed with tocophobia.. :p


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