The Pen is Indeed Mightier Than the Sword

OK, for those of you who managed to read my post "What The Hell Is Going On?" (which was on for about 18 hours), you'll know what I'm talking about here.

I've hurt some people with that post and I've decided to pull it.

I hate deleting posts from my blog because I feel like I'm deleting a piece of my life. I hardly ever pull any posts off. It's my personal blog, I keep off the topics of religion and politics, and I will only blog the truth.

My principle rule is honesty. I won't lie or stoop to conquer. I tell it as it is and that, I think, is why my regular readers come back here. I'm a real person. (yes, I also know people hate me for being so stinking self righteous)

So far I've only had to pull a couple of other posts because of my ties with the ministry of education here. But now that I've resigned, I have so much more freedom. Rights, Freedom of Press, freedom of blogging, truth, whatever you want to call it... I guess The pen(virtual or otherwise) is indeed mightier than the decadent sword.


  1. Anonymous5:51 pm

    it's hard not to be insensitive at times like these because. . . well . . . hormones and feelings and what not always tends to get the better of us. . .
    but if it makes you feel any better my mum let go of a pretty decent guy (angmo lar) for that reason alone ~ he was going to be posted to thailand for work related reasons for a few months and . .. well. . .
    trust or not . . . it's hard to . . make things work out; even worse when you're miles apart.
    for what it's worth. . you're a great girl and im sure happiness will find her way to you soon.

  2. I read you got flamed before from another blog that I've forgotten, the blogger used your name with s**t.

  3. You said you know there are people hate you for being so stinking self righteous...
    But do you know that there are people WHO LOVES YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE?
    Just be youself and stays happy :)

  4. Simon... Is it? Why u dind't tell me earlier?????? I don't know about it.... try to remember the blog la... would be a fun read.

    :( I know I have had many Boyfriends... but am not a slut la, just damn unlucky in love, have not found my happy ever after. I never go into a relationship intending to "play", I'm always very dedicated and serious.

    SK & jjk: thanks for your words of encouragement .. puts a smile on face :)

  5. well as long as u keep on trying, im sure u will find the best..

    can imagine wat a dilemma u would b in with a crying mom..

  6. 世事岂能尽如人意


  7. I like people who blogs the truth, straightforward ones.

    You're One Good Blogger!

    Have a Great Day!


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