How to paint Elmo on your nails!

I grew up watching hours and hours of Sesame Street. My favourite character was Elmo!

In this video I will give step by step simple instructions on how to paint elmo on your fingernails. No special nail art stuff required. Just nail polish!

By the way, so far I've only received posts from bloggers who did the chopstick hair bun. No one tried to curl hair with rags?? Well... now you can also try painting elmo on your nails. Remember to email me your entries by 15June 2008. CLICK for details


  1. Anonymous1:56 am


    very cutee :)


  2. Hehehe...
    Cute lah... (",)

  3. hello..
    i jz watched how to paint elmo on nails..then i think use toothpick to paint the eyes is much easier..=)

  4. hey Holly thanks for the idea! I love it I will do this elmo face on my nails after my final exams! :p


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