Geek Is The New Black

Are you still stuck in yesteryear?

Are still dating the sports jock or the suave smooth talking cassanovas or scruffy bad boy? Is it working out well for you?

Chances are... you're like me and asking- where have all the good men gone!?

Introducing.... The Geek Guy!

No two Geek guys are exactly the same. But in general there is the Computer/Gadget Geek, Science Geek, Math Geek, Film/Art Geek. Sometimes they come in a combination of these varieties.

Holly Jean's Top 10 Reasons to Date A Geek!

10. Intelligent
I think I mentioned before that when I was in university, I had a crush on at least 3 of my philosophy professors! Intelligence is a major turn on.

Don't dismiss a smart man as a boring man, for it's that same intelligence that created computers, television, blogs, flight... and found cures for diseases..

I also remember, when I was growing up, I was always attracted to pilots, but now I think- why lust after the man who is paid to fly the plane (by the way, you know mokeys were trained to fly the space shuttle right?) when you can lust after the men who create it. (No.. I am not talking about the Wright brothers here... I mean the people who are the brains of the aerospace industry today)

9. Computer Savvy
In this tech-savvy world, it's great to have a boyfriend who is a whiz with your PC, Lap top or any other gadget.

When I was dating John (he does IT stuff for Meryll Lynch now), and he hooked up and configured everything in the house to run through the projector (we're talking, PC, Laptop, Tv, cable,Dvd player, etc)... his housemate (some french guy) was surprised and mentioned "Oh my god.. are you some sort of geek?" He said it as if geek were a bad word. But I actually found John's abilities in that respect very very attractive.

8. Your Parents will love him
Your parents will see a stable and educated man who is responsible and a potential breadwinner. Geek guys are generally mild mannered, polite and gentlemanly.

7. Style
Ok, the Arty type geek has his own sense of style. He's the kind that can make black rimmed Buddy Holly type glasses look cool. All the other types of geeks are not likely to have much style. But this is a good thing! He may not have a great sense of style, but it is very likely because he was never bothered to get one. Meaning... he will let you dress him!!!

6. Quirky
All geeks have their own little quirks which make them unique. A certain grin, a sound they make, the way they look when they're focused on work, etc. If you don't find that endearing immediately, then you will grow to love it over time.

5. On top of things
If a Geek guy says he will call you, he will. The Math geek is especially good at remembering dates so he won't miss a birthday or anniversary. Geeks are also dedicated and have a sense of focus. Have you ever seen a Geek get an idea or inspiration to get something done? Chances are, he will keep at it and get it done.
When a geek has a girlfriend, he will aim to please her.

4. Quiet Lifestyle
This is great if you're at an age where you're settling down and realise that a night in can be just as great as a night out. The Geek guy will also be a great reading, library, home cooking, cuddling, listening companion.

3. His friends aren’t jerks
The greatest thing about a geek's buddy is that you can feel secure when he's out with him. He is likely to be a good influence.

2. No worries
Most geek guys frequent bars as often as I frequent the dentist!

Most girls would agree that a lot of their relationship problems centre around alcohol, or too many drunken nights out. Geek guys, fortunately, don't think getting “wasted” is the point of drinking.

If you have a party to go to, you can dress and bring your geek. Although he may not want to go to every outing with you, you won’t have to worry much about what he’s up to when he's not with you. Do not underestimate how great it is to have that peace of mind where you don't have to check up on him.

1. They actually give a damn about you
They are nice guys. And nice guys don't beat or lie or cheat on you.
You don't have to worry about how you look around them, thoughif you're hot, that's a plus.

Disclaimer: This was written in a light hearted way. I am NOT saying that only Geek men are the best. I'm sure there are great men out there who aren't geeky at all. And I'm sure there are some geek guys who can be assholes. So readers are cautioned to use their own discretion and common sense.


  1. Anonymous5:21 pm

    most geeks are four eyed ; so yeah u are right most of them got nice chicks to date with..gotta turn myself into geeks i guess..hahaha

  2. I wish all gals thought like you..

    I would be a hit among

  3. Woo i am a Black! Please preach to other girls hard on these wisdoms ya

  4. thnx for the comments guys...

    And CJ--- do u know how many girls kind of fantisize going "ohhh.. Doctorrrr...." ANd you're going to be a REAL one... how much of a turn on is that.

    I meant Black as in a trendy colour... not a black man. So having a geek BF is cool now, in trend.

  5. Haha turn-ed on till they realise the doctors have no time for anything in life. Really sad life. Any doctor spouse will tell you that.

  6. Anonymous2:22 am

    All I can say on this matter is:

    Perseverance =
    per·se·ver·ance or [pur-suh-veer-uhns]


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