Japanese Name Meme

Thanks to Simon Seow for Tagging me.
INSTRUCTIONS: Add your name to the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.


1. OSWALD - moarimeikatate (sounds like america and states. har…. har… har…)

2. CHLOE - Miritamoku — Um…think I still prefer my given name, ha ha

3. GENG – Jikutoji — Actually, I think its cute sounding. Arigato gozaimasu!

4. CONSTANCE - Mimoto arichi katomiku — WOW! Does it sound like an authentic Japanese cuisine? YIKES! I broke it up cos it was quite a mouthful!

5. DORA - Temoshika – Sounds pretty good huh?! Does it mean beautiful woman?

6. Sting - Arichi Kitoji - Sounds like a guy's name but at least it rhymes! LOL!!

7. Amidrin - Karinki Teshikito (I was deciding between Karinki Teshikito or Karinkites Hikito. LOL... still the english name sounds much better.)

8. Osindak - Moari Kitotekame (I sound very Japanese! LOL)

9. Monica - Rinmotokimika (lol, it sounds so funny)

10. Simon - Arikirinmoto (OMG, sounds like Aji no moto)
11. Holly Jean - Rimotatafu Zukukato (Doesn't sound Chio, sounds like a crazy person)

I tag Wayne , Valerie, James, Sher, Taqinah , Kexin!


  1. Thanks for doing the meme Holly. Lol. The name is so long for you.

  2. how to copy and paste that table? O_o god i sound so computer illiterate. haha

  3. Anonymous2:36 pm

    haha... i guess just save it and then upload as a pic?

  4. mine is katakitoka! my goodness. LOL btw hi there holly! you sound like a really considerate and generous gal :) keep on goin! :)

  5. Anonymous11:04 am

    WOW! This is interesting!! HAHA.


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