How to do a Chopstick Hair Bun

OK... this is my first of a series of DIY or "How To" videos. Girls, I hope it's clear enough and you can learn how to do a chopstick hair up do. Guys, well... I'll try to do sports and stuff later on


  1. Wah, you hair so long. Reminds me of Zhang Zi Yi in Rush Hour 2 where she also use a chopstick to tie her hair in super fast speed.

  2. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Cool, your first video blog post! And being a teacher, I guess you had to -- teach. :)

    The good thing is, now we have a voice to go with the face.

  3. Anonymous1:56 am

    it was so hard to stream..finally got to watch it...i loike...more please! lol


  4. wah.. ur hair so long and straight, make it look easier to have a chopstick hair bun!

    nice vid =)

  5. Anonymous8:01 pm

    hey, thanx for the instruction, now i can finally do a chopstick hair bun!!! thanx again!! =]

  6. Anonymous9:01 am

    is it painful?


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