Holly Jean Says It

You know how I ended up with http://www.holly--jean.blogspot.com/ ???

Simply because hollyjean.blogspot and holly-jean.blogspot were already taken!
I wasn't trying to be funny with the double dashes in my name.

But alas, so many problems with people landing up in rubbish hollyjean pages instead of mine.. A Thing or Two About Holly Jean....

So I've gone and registered for a redirect.. and what this means is... from now on (for those of you who haven't got used to typing the double dashes in my blogspot url) you can just type


And you will end up at this wonderful site. :)

Easy to pass the url around too now....

GET YOUR OWN short URL in a few easy steps. CLICK HERE


  1. Anonymous11:25 pm

    you can also use co.cc or co.cc url redirecting. ;)

  2. hey nice share :) on a sidetrack, wouldnt it b nice to have our domain .anything-we-want? :)


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