Good Golly, Miss Holly!

Last day of the term
23rd May 2008

I've had this blog for a year plus now, and apart from my very first post in which I mentioned I was a teacher, I've never in the past 170 posts given you any insight of my life as a teacher.
I've already resigned, so there's no point in ranting about the things I hate about the job (and believe me, there are plenty! Namely rigidity and bullshit) but I'm going to share what I love about it.

As a teacher, I knew I would be touching lives, but never in my 3 years at Changkat Changi Secondary did I realise that all along the way, my life would be touched as well.

Last night, students who were in my form class(2E1) last year (I call them "the older kids" now), took me out to dinner at Earl Swensens. They're all split in different classes this year, so it was great to see the whole gang get together again for my farewell dinner.

Surprise surprise!! My face on a cake!!! They wouldn't let us eat the cake in Earl Swensens(Shazeena got it from Sweet Secrets) , so we "camped" at the end of terminal 3 which was not in use yet.
Then came an even bigger surprise... a picture of our old class taken long ago at the Esplanade when we watched The King & I. It was made into a jigsaw puzzle and framed. And when I read the inscription, it made me cry...
"When you leave... A part of the picture will never be complete"

But to cheer me up again, Renny smashed his cake into my face.
The Gang :

Syakur (he'll eat anything) & Shazeena (my girl, I fondly call Mak Cik) Shivani a.k.a Kaka, the playful student but very talented dancer...
Joseph Soh's Girls: Aglin (ever cheerful) and Lyn (doesn't know how to synchronise her jump)
Thiam Seng: big tough guy, but with a very good heart

Handsome Dog: Davior (Still remember when he fell and broke his leg last year)
Joshie Boy (such a darling, teachers love him)

Shy Lokman ( you have no idea how may girls like you!) & Our foreign Student Feydric (we'll never get tired of filipino jokes!)
Fairuz (passed his English! Woot!) & Lokman

Class Clown: Syakur... always makes us laugh
Quiet & Unassuming Jia Hao and Loud Annoying Rude (but very lovable) Renny (he's a fellow nuffnanger, click to view his post of the night)

Best Friends and Girl Guides: Sook Yee, Cynthia, VivianMak Cik, Raudah (Where's your best friend?????), and I
My form class students 1E2(2005), 2E1 (2006), 2E1(2007), 1E2(2008) were the highlight of my life as a teacher. It's a pity this career isn't all about the kids and teaching them.

This next phase of my life is going to be a great one where I will have the time, flexibility and freedom to write and travel and live.
Join me for the ride, ok?


  1. That's the best part about being a teacher. My class still keeps in touch with our primary school teacher after 12 years, meeting up and having lunch and all. Those admin bullshit is everywhere, good you have an option to rise above them. All the best ya. I love teaching too.

  2. Anonymous7:56 pm

    so sweet la the cake and jigsaw prezzie...and your kids are quite cute. what a motley crue hahaha. ey so our plans abandoned alr ah?


  3. Where to find wor, teacher with a tattoo. All the best in your new career.

  4. Holly Jean, you're blessed with such a lovely group of student. *touching*


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