Geek is the New Black (part 2)

This is a follow up post on Geek is the New Black in which I listed my top ten reasons why I want to date a geek.

Geek is the New Black (part 2) is a follow up on that.

Based on some of the responses I got from my previous post, I realise I have to clear one major misconception. Geek is not a physical attribute. Many said stuff about geeks being "four-eyed" etc.

In reality, Geeks come in all shapes, sizes and colour. Tall and blonde, short and brown, Black and fat, etc.

It's important to note that just because some one wears glasses does not make him a geek. Believe me, some really stupid men wear spectacles too. They're not geeks, they're just losers. What I find attractive in a geek is not glasses per say... but the intelligence and character.

More reasons to date a Geek
- He will make a good father. A geek dad can relate to his kids well, especially when they go through phases of feeling rejected or less poular when growing up. They are understanding, tender, and unafraid to get his hands dirty. In fact, you can count on him to change diapers!

- Geeks are horny. It's very likely that you will always be sexy to them. You don't have to be obsessed about looking less than a supermodel. Treat your geek well and that is a great aphrodisiac.

- They're not bums, they will have financial planning. You should never underestimate the security and stability from good financial planning. Though it's important too that you and your geek realise that the most important things in the world and in a relationship rarely have $$$ values behind them

Hurry! Go grab a geek. When word gets around, everybody will want one.

P/s- I will show you my geek shortly... I'm still in the process of acquiring the perfect one...


  1. So true~! and how do I know? Coz I'm dating a Geek! =P

  2. Anonymous11:50 am

    LOL! I'm not too sure about your assessment. Maybe I'm not a geek, else I should have a long queue wanting to date me :(

  3. I agree that geeks would make better husband and fathers..question..Are you dating a geek?? how much you know so much?? lol....

  4. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Another fun post.

    But this is just the latest in a large number of similar posts from you on characteristics in men you want / don't want / find desirable / find unattractive, etc, etc.

    Do you scrutinse yourself so closely? If not, why not? What list of desirable characteristics would most men compile, and how many of those characteristics would you satisfy? I get the impression you are quite happy with who you are, and have no intention of changing. But how many of your recent boyfriends stayed the course?

    All this list-making doesn't seem to be helping you, and some might even say it is counterproductive. In relationships, no amount of list-making will help you realise when you've found the right one.

  5. Hi anonymous...

    maybe I should start a list about what's so desirable about me... for some reason, I get the vibe tht u think i make a lousy GF and that is why my r'ships never worked.... :)

    anyway, yes... all this list making does not ensure that I will get the man I want.

    I don't find it counterproductive though ( as I'm seeing that the direct opposite would be not nnot have an opinion about what I find desirable in men) me... when there's so many men out there... a girl has got to come up with some way to filter and weed.

    This geek phenomenon came about because the last couple of guys I was dating had a particular dorkiness about them and I found that quite an allure (they also had other virtues and characteristics of course, not just geekiness)...

    and hence my fun geek related posts... come on.. take it easy, let me have a bit of fun...


  6. Hmm probably geeks who are horny will get horny at every girl that passes by too. questionable attribute.

  7. hi CJ.. I must look for the one who only has eyes for me la... :)

    Of course must satisfy him (and in the process.. myself) so he'll only be horny for me. heeeheee....

  8. I had a lovely relationship once, but I never thought of him as a geek. After reading your post, I realise that he is one! *lol*


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