Girls, You Do The Talking!

Girls, You don't always have to leave it to the men to pick you up.
Holly Jean's Top 5 Pick Up Lines
(To be used on men)

5. "You Look Like A Real Challenge"
Most guys like to feel like a bad boy, not a wussy push over. So this line will stroke their egos.

4. "How much does a polar bear weigh?" *wait for his response* Then you say "Enough to break the ice. Now can i have your number?"
Great for girls who can pull off a silly joke and look as cute as ever. And this will actually really break the ice too.

3. "I want to tell you your fortune." Then you take his hand and ponder for a loooong while without saying anything, then write your phone number on it and walk away.

2. If you're too slow and he makes the first move, in the middle of his pick up line ( prob about the weather or something boring like that... men!!) you just say - "Do I have to Kiss you to make you shut up?"

1. This one cracks me up, but only to be used when you're pretty sure that's he's the kind of guy with a sense of humour... " Want to see me smile like a doughnut?"

Please don't actually make that impression while you pull this line on him, it's realistically unflattering for the face... but it will set him thinking and also show your sense of humour and playful side)


What other lines have you come across??? Pray, do tell.

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  1. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Do girl really comes and get to know guys? Wow, never before girls come to me ... >,<

  2. My pick up line, while biting on a stick of carrot, "Eh.., what's up doc?" Now you wonder why I don't have a gf.


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