What's With the Shortage of Good Men?

While the Sex and the City girls made singledom look glamorous, there are plenty of single women out there who would love to find Mr Right. Myself included.

I always wanted the childhood happily ever after type of relationship so badly that I tried to force anything that looks like it could fit. Men, even good ones, can't always take that kind of pressure.
So yes... I've screwed up a lot of great opportunites. All my boyfriends in the past have been of pretty good calibre. And they just keep on getting better. But Why then, even with each boyfriend being a better specimen than the last, do I still keep failing?

So maybe there's no shortage per say.
The problem I think, is probably me! :(

Well... looking on the bright side, Good men do exist, and I only need success with just one.


  1. Anonymous12:17 am

    When you are single, you have single problem. When you are married, you have married problem.

    Depends on the perspective, both situations have an advantage over the other.

    BTW, I like that old pic on that slide thingy. Reminds me of my own set of old pics.


  2. Anonymous1:33 am

    love comes to those who wait.
    really, it does. coz there was this rule that everyone comes in a pair.


  3. No worry at all: you're simply a FANTASTIC person: you have an irresistible beauty, the sweetest smile, the enduring patience! There are plenty of good men (also bad ones, I guess..! ;) ) who just wait to date you!!!

  4. Thanks AK, Wayne and Rob for your comments.

    Rob, did u end up going for F1 Sepang or not?

  5. Hi Holly,

    No, in the end it was decided that Sepang was too risky without the tickets and the Easter break (jam at the customs!!especially also because of Mas' manhunt!!) so we took the ferry to Desaru for surf! :) but no waves... :( hence just lazied around at the beach :)

  6. ooo please come to KL & date me.

  7. That's good news right? I thought there's a shortage of men in Singapore.


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