How attractive are you, really?

How attractive are you? The answer is not in your mirror, but it's in your measuring tape.

The more symmetrical a face or body is, the more appealing it appears.

Physical symmetry is subconsciously perceived as a reflection of a person's youth, fertility, health and strength.

Simple Face symmetry Assessment- Pull all hair out of your face. measure these three sections, front hairline to middle of eyebrows, mid brows to tip of nose, and tip of nose to tip of chin. If these are equal, your length is considered harmonious. If there is more than a half inch difference then.. poor you....

Or you can calculate and see if it hits the Golden Ratio. This "golden ratio" is 1:1.618, with the number rounded to 1.618 known as "phi."

Here's How:

Measure your total height
Measure your navel height ( from belly button to ground)

total height/divided by navel height = ?
If this figure is closer to 1.618 then you have a more attractive body.



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