FHM Girl Next Door 2008

Quite honestly, when I had the call to see if I wanted to be part of this... I heard "Girl-Next-Door" and I mistakenly thought yeah.. that's me!

I've always thought that a girl next door was a simple, feminine, down to earth girl who doesn't require coats of make-up... the kind of girl who is so sweet-natured it almost frightens (yet tempts) you to think of her in explicit sexual situations... hence the "perfect" girl to take home to parents.

But looking at the magazine, and some other contestants... I realise it's more like they're looking for the busty (but not necessarily pretty faced) girl, with a sexually aggressive vibe and an uber-party attitude (pseudo or otherwise).

Click to view all 100 GNDs on the FHM Singapore website.

Looking at my picture in the magazine, I cringe at how bloody sweet looking I am... almost like candy coated ( what is wrong with me!!!??) but I guess that's just who I am.
But all in all, the parties and the shoot were good experiences and a lot of fun. I also realise that even after all these years, I didn't get so fat after all... I'm quite pleased. And I got a pretty big picture, so I guess I can't be all that bad. :-s
FHM Singapore
April 2008 issue


  1. Congrats on getting into 2008 FHM GND!

    Will poll a few votes for you! ;)

  2. You're no. 16? Too bad, I don't know do they sell FHM Singapore in Malaysia or not.


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