Sip Your Way To Skinny!

Grapefruit = Greatfruit !

I eat half a grape fruit in the morning. Then I juice one grapefruit into a bottle, and I take it with me on the go!

The Grapefruit diet is based upon eating lots of 'fat-burning' grapefruit to kick-start your metabolism.

The combination of fat-burning enzymes and low carbohydrate content in grapefruit means the body produces less glucose and stops creating fatty tissue.

Here are some diet rules you MUST follow:
1. Drink enough water, a minimum of eight 8-oz glasses every day. Water is essential for all body functions and has no calories. (I hate water, but I'm really getting into the habit now)

2. Have 3 servings (1 Serving = Half a fruit) of grapefruit or grapefruit juice(Pure, not swetened!). Consume this before each moderate meal. Your meal can be high protein but must be low carb. Even bacon is fine!!!!

3. Do not eat between meals.

4. Do not carry out this diet for more than 12 days at one go.

5. My personal favourite rule of them all- Do not exercise during these 12 days. This is due to the severe restriction of calories. ( Fine by me!)


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    Hello, first time visiting your site.

    Cool! does it really works? hahaha : )


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