I was really looking forward to the airshow for weeks... but my spirit really dampened when I reached Pasir ris Mrt to get the shuttle bus to the airshow. The queue snaked all around White Sands Mall and around the bus terminal. And I just thought... if I join the queue now at 11 am, there's no way I'll reach the place in time for the 12.30 aero display. The taxi queue at Whitesands was just as horrendous.

The taxi ride was smooth (but expensive) until we got closer to the exhibition, the roads jammed up, the taxi literally crawled. 30dollars later, we ( We = meaning.. my long time friend of more than 10 years, Alwyn... and I) alighted and walked the rest of the way to the exhibition instead.. and yes it was faster to walk.

We get there and guess what? More lines! Picture below shows the last leg of the queue... once we were past this, it was okay... spacious enough for everyone on the exhibition grounds.

We finally got onto the grounds at 1.30pm. And just in time to see the last air display.. which was probably the only one worth watching... the new A380. And it was magnificent. (miss this and your day there would be worthless). So we went about our merry way looking at the other aircraft on land. But static displays are just not as exciting as the ones in motion.
The journey back was even worse, thousands of sweaty and inconsiderate people pushing their way through gateways that were far too narrow to accomodate the massive crowd. I was squashed worse than in a club on New year's Eve... and in the blazing hot sun too.
Stupid Question of the Day:
Holly Jean: "Woah! Is that the hatch where the bombs drop out of?"
Alwyn: "This is not a bomber! That's where they keep the wheels la."

Stupid Look of the Day: The Imaginary Binoculars

Next time don't forget your sunglasses Alwyn!

All in all, this just wasn't worth the effort. I'm never going back unless these people have better logistic planning, and proper crowd control in place.


  1. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Hey !
    Thanks for blogging on this soo soon and so well. I totally agree with u. I was one of the visitors today and feeling the same that you did. Definitely not worth the effort or money!!
    I was just googling for photos to share with a friend on how terrible the show was ! And i found your blog =)

  2. Wow. It really seems that the Airshow was mainly organised for the Trade people and not the public. They really need to improve on the logistics.

    @ the stupid question. Not sure if you know, but the B-1B IS a bomber (but yea that area is the compartment for the wheels), unless that is really a sarcastic comment lol.

  3. Anonymous12:24 pm

    omg i totally agree with you! I lined up for the shuttle bus and it took sooo long just to board the bus! around 2 hours.. and i onli managed to catch the last 5 mins of the flight display! My batch was worst, because after the security check they stopped us just before going in, coz too may ppl are going out so there's no way of us going in. Everyone was protesting and was requesting to see the organisers and to get our refund. Some even gave up queing and went back straight away.. what a waste of my 20 bucks :(

  4. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Hi, I was one of the buggy drivers at the airshow and I could hardly drive because of the overwhelming crowd. There is definitely so much more the organizers can do to help ease the problem. Nevertheless, this is the first Singapore Airshow, let's hope that the 2nd one will be better and more organized !

  5. Holly Jean,

    Under stupid question of the day.

    While your companion was correct in describing the wheel well to you, the aircraft you show in the photo is indeed a bomber, the B1B Lancer. I believe the American designed/built, B1B in the photo is from the Australian Airforce.



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