Is that a Gun in your pocket?

Visibili T is a new locally produced brand of Tshirts with suggestive, dicey and hilarious slogans. Great for a good laugh, and fun to wear. Click the pic above to go to their website. The Tshirt featured above is my favourite one from their range. They should make it in a girls super tight cotton tank top range.

Hey guys at Visibili T ... here's one you should consider
- God is Omnipotent... That's why he invented Viagra (Stupid people, go to and look up the words "omnipotent" and "impotent")

I have a t shirt which says I was voted most flexible... by your boyfriend

These are a few phrases which I'd like to have on my tank top...

- (front) Men are like Roses / (back) Watch out for their pricks
- If you can make it... / I can spend it
- I'm Easy / I know you're hard
Here are some intersting ones I found on the internet:
I think I'd like to start printing on men's plain cotton boxers... They would make great quirky yet affordable gag gifts...

- Don't judge me by my boxers, it's what inside that counts
- Does my dick look big in this?

Can you think of anymore? Add on please...


  1. Anonymous6:30 pm

    welcome to the Gun Show.
    and have arrows pointing to your arms

  2. Anonymous7:08 pm


    how about - Will Work For Shoes.


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