Push Presents

OK.. I was reading URBAN (comes with the Straits Times on Thursday)... and I saw this interesting article on Push Presents.

A Push Present, by definition, is a lavish gift a man gives his wife in order to reward her for giving birth (hence the term push) to his baby. I reckon it was possibly started by and definitely made popular by celebrity Dads. Sarah Jessica Parker (I adore her.. and her clothes) got a custom made charm bracelet from Matthew Broderick. Ben Afleck gave Jen Garner purple jewellery.... stuff like that.

I was just a bit taken aback to read one section which featured some Singapore couples, and one man bought his wife a $500 Kate Spade diaper bag as a push present. I am appalled for many reasons. Firstly, in no shape or form does $500 equate to a lavish gift. Secondly, a diaper bag is a necessity and they'd have to buy one anyway. And thirdly, I would be ashamed to publicly announce in the local newspaper that my husband bought me a bag as a push present (so what if it's Kate Spade! It could have been Prada ... or even from Mother Care... would not make a difference.)

Now don't get me wrong. I'm hardly a materialistic person. But I do think that having a little present to reward the responsibility, pain and sacrifice of childbirth is demeaning.

And if your husband buys you a diaper bag... or a pair of new shoes... or a baby stroller... Why would you consider it a push present? I'm not saying it's just garbage, but it is just a normal present.

And men... you don't have to be rich to get her a nice push present. But Something with sentimental value like a charm bracelet if fine. Especially if she had a baby girl, because you could include a charm on it which is meant for your daughter. And when the girl has a child of her own next time, your wife could unclasp that charm and pass it on to her. Doesn't that make you go awwwww....

Or book a weekend away with spa stuff (if she's into that) for your wife and yourself. Bring the baby along but make sure you get a hotel which provides day care for babies.

Take some time off work and help her take care of the infant. That gives you precious bonding time with your baby. Plus loads of women suffer post natal depression, so having you around for love, attention and affection will make it much less likely that she'll turn into a disgruntled mother and kill the baby or herself.



  1. your right, a gift cant compensate a womans pain, i think its just another marketing ploy to shift expencive gifts.

    I think the baby should be plenty reward for the couple and should require no compensation.

    aslong as the pair are still a couple but if they are not then the dead beat dad should compensate the mother in liu of is absence.
    and then it should be something more than a 500spd bag.


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