Mohawk Schmohawk

Today, I have gone from interior designer for an hour to hair stylist in another hour.

It's the school holidays and my brother has been growing out his hair... due to sheer laziness. So looking at his shag, we decided we should do a mohawk on him! By we.. I essentially mean Me. Hahahaha...
But it turned out okay... nice and fresh change.

This is his shaggy before picture. I didn't have proper clips which hair stylists use... so I had to use my rainbow berret to section off his hair.

And about twenty minutes after....
Plus I did a shampoo and scalp treatment on him. Now That's what I call service.


  1. Haha. your brother's hair looks fine. you've got talent! LOL.

  2. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Awesome! Doesn't look like an amateur attempt at all. Now you have a choice of careers if you so wish. :-)


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