A hypocrite is I

I refer to my previous post The Most Annoying People On Facebook written quite a while ago when I first got on Facebook.

Parts of it was later published in the Today paper. (Yay!)

And later someone commented on it on Entrepreneur 27 Singapore: Web 2.0 Unconferences, Sites & Cool Tech ... going on and on and defending Facebook.

It's funny how what I took ten minutes to write for my own blog... just ranting away, jesting and having a ball of a time catergorising all the different types of annoying people I've noticed on Facebook...... could literally be taken in quite a serious light by others.

Anyway... I have to update you guys.. I've just amassed a whopping 140 Friends ( I was being selective as well) ... but now it's out of control.....

So I guess now I'm one of those annoying people on Facebook now... (so shoot me!).